Nuova Simonelli Mythos Plus 

Nuova Simonelli Mythos Plus

Is an  on-demand grinder  manufactured by Nuova Simonelli..It is especially designed to expedite the process of Espresso coffee.  It possesses a dynamometric tamper which makes it possible for you to tamp with the correct pressure every time.

The Nuova Simonelli Mythos Plus would certainly be more than suitable for busy cafes, restaurants, Bistros  and food courts

.The Nuova Simonelli Mythos Plus  also enhances the consistency of the coffee outcomes as a whole. To let you achieve this noble aim, the Nuova Simonelli  Mythos Plus  grinder generates awesome outcomes under all grinding conditions.

Instant grinding guarantees freshness and great aroma, And most important of all a great extraction\

In light of this, the grinder is great at mitigating inconsistent tamping pressure. This enables you to tamp coffee grinds quickly and consistently

Using it is pretty simple. All you have to do is to grind the coffee and press the lever down till it ticks. This ticking is a sign that the optimum pressure has been attained.

The Mythos Plus resembles the Mythos basic in almost all regards. They both curved edges and on the whole possess a sleek and compact design.

The main difference between the two  is the dynamometric tamper. This is found in the front part of the Mythos Plus . It is basically an ergonomic compact lever which is compact enough to fit just about any setting.

Here are the features of Nuova Simonelli Mythos Plus:

These burrs are more efficient, long-lasting, and can handle well over 1,200 kg of coffee. They are made of special steel. On the whole, the burrs are designed and constructed using innovative technologies.

The burrs generally bring about consistent and reliable grinding all day long. They are so well designed they prevent overheating which preserves the organoleptic values.

Its controls are very intuitive. With these controls, you will be able to choose from barista mode, three dosages, and the stop-and-go mode. The controls are further complemented by the advanced electronic system.

This system manages each step of the grinding process which makes it possible for you to control each function.

• The barista mode adjusts three individual modes without having to input the program mode.

• The stop-and-go mode pauses and resumes the dosage whenever the circumstance demands. It also allows you to inspect the mode.

Best Suited for Professionals & High volume Shops

3. Smooth Micrometer

This is basically a grind adjustment which sets the coarseness while on the move with maximum convenience. It exceeds the traditional ‘intermediate settings’ and gives rise to extremely precise sizes of grinds.

4. Clump Crusher

During the crushing process, static charges are bound to arise. These may cling to the ground particles. The clump crusher gets rid of these static clings. .

As a matter of fact,  Nuova Simonelli’s are  designed to rid  all  coffee from the grinding chamber and leave behind no residue. This gives rise to coffee that is very fresh, long-lasting, and consistent in quality.

These grinders are also less susceptible to  overheating. What’s more? The burrs of the Mythos grinders are set in such a way as to guarantee all the coffee is expelled at the conclusion of the grinding process.

5. Simple Cleanliness and Maintenance

Generally speaking, all Nuova Simonelli is simple to install and deploy for use. They are also easier to keep clean and faster to maintain.

A record of the settings of the grinder is maintained at each service to enable it to be restarted with ease. This also minimises the wastage of coffee.

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Best Suited for Professionals & High volume Shops

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