Nuova Simonelli Mythos Commercial Coffee Grinders

Female Speaker: Hello Brandon

Male Speaker:Yes

Female Speaker: You have a trio of terror here.

Male Speaker: I have wonderful grinders for you. These are the 00:12 grinders.

Female Speaker: These are the meet those series by Nuova Simonelli. OK.

Male Speaker: So they come in three different varieties and it’s there as function of the same inside a little bit just minor differences.

Female Speaker: All right.

Male Speaker: I’m actually going to start right here. Well that was basic. What this is it’s a dosing grinder and it’s going to give you three different options here in actually DOS based on time as opposed to having to turn it on DOS DOS DOS turn it off. I’m going to program the three buttons to actually do so having much coffee I want into my filter. It is a huge huge Utapao. It’s actually inside there. Not quite sure how much that holds but I think it’s like 20 million pounds. So this is what’s called a basic model. So all it is is purely a dosing machine. This machine is called the plus. And what it is it’s a basic with an added tamper level on it.

Female Speaker: OK. So there they’re their programming functionality is the same as. This has a tamper and

Male Speaker: Everything is exactly the same. So that’s the only difference is it’s going to give you tamper. So if you’re one of those people they really just you know want to tamper yourself for the dosing function Boom. If you want to actually have it automated and I call this almost a super automatic it’s gonna dosage for you. It’s going to tamper to you when you push it down if you notice it can’t push any further. So it will not over tamp that for you. OK. The big thing with these is speed speed speed. So we’re going to do it right here and you want them to show you the counter on there. Three point. Seventy four seconds.

Female Speaker: There you go.

Male Speaker: That’s the whole thing.

Female Speaker: Nicely smooth and tamp. OK.

Male Speaker: You know it’s quick. It’s consistency. That’s what you’re going for.

Female Speaker: OK. And then what do we got on the left here. I’m guessing this is one of the newer ones that’s coming out it’s called the climb approach. It integrates a couple of different things. This is for very high end shops people doing high end single origins are very high end coffee. One of the big things that integrates is a heating element into the chamber. Which is kind of funny because I’m always like oh I don’t want to get in too hot in Cafe settings so you’re going to find it’s it’s almost a little different that. Right now if you put your hand in there and feel it feel cold that is.

Female Speaker: Yeah.

Male Speaker: That’s going to affect your shop massively. I don’t know if we ran enough through here. If you can even get your hand in and you can really feel it. But as you run out of that inside there that’s going to start heating up as a heat that changes your 02:54 Right everything. So if I like to sit like this and come in right after I do maybe two or three grinds it’s going to be different because it’s not only the temperature.

Female Speaker: So you’re going to need to change your grind to make up for that.

Male Speaker: Yeah. Put some coffee up front and

Female Speaker: you can get it right up

Male Speaker: Get where you are. So what this does it puts the heating out in the air to maintain a solid temperature. So now I walk away for 30 minutes. I come back. My grinds everything is the same I don’t have to make changes.

Female Speaker: OK. Now so I guess how does that then play with the concern of you know my coffee is too hot 03:26

Male Speaker: So this one tries to go against that temperature from a different angle. What 03:33 grinders do, they’re flapper’s grinders OK. But they are seventy five millimeter. Seventy five millimeter OK. But when you think of flapper grounds what you see what is going to come down is going to crush it. It’s got to use rpm to throw it out. What this does is lift some straight up. So we’re mimicking a kind of grinder in the sense that it’s gravity effect so. If you look right here what I have is I’ve got these birds and they’re sitting in basically a little bit of an angle and that’s going to come coffee’s going to come down from the top and it’s going to funnel down through here.

Female Speaker: I see. So these are the birds right here.

Male Speaker: Yes right behind you.

Female Speaker: That’s fancy.

Male Speaker: So what the idea there is again is the quicker that I can get that out of there I can bring the rpm’s down a little bit. That’s what Canticles have always done you have these little seven 700 rpm grinders. Yeah. This one here is going to run about 400 rpm it’s low. OK. OK. So really that’s not our issue that heat’s dissipating out.

Female Speaker: I see.

Male Speaker: We are bringing it straight down so we’re not having to run those really high rpm’s where I’m having a throw which is contributing to that.

Female Speaker: So this guy over here is for more high end kind of very focused single origin chop. This guy in the middle it’s just sort of the run of the mill. You know the entry level and then our tamper guy is kind of taking any guesswork out of your consistency for you or for your 04:59

Male Speaker: This is how I turned irregular traditional machine into super automatic. Combine this with a volumetric machine and it’s basically have two steps.

Female Speaker: OK, now how can I go in here and change the dosing and stuff like that.

Male Speaker: One more thing before we go that you saw quick this dosed out. Yes this is a low rpm. It’s about double the times. So in three point seconds there we’re looking at seven seconds with the same amount here. All of these programmings are the exact same. You have as you saw the three buttons a single double triple. You’ve got this button here which is doing nothing right now. This button takes us into continuous. If we hit both of these together.

Female Speaker: Now real quick. I hit one of those three hit my lever down here and it doses whatever there. It was programmed for. And then what’s this play button.

Male Speaker: So that when I was doing nothing. Ok. Real quick just to show you that. So it do the shortest one 1.9 seconds so it’s going to happen. I’m going to push this in. It shuts off automatically. OK. So I’m still holding the button but obviously it’s doing nothing.

Female Speaker: So you don’t have to like hit it and release.

Male Speaker: Exactly. So that’s that’s you know here we want to go into our programming mode. So you see I hit both of those buttons. This is a little finicky if you don’t hit them both the exact same time it doesn’t go in. OK. Once it’s in I’m in programming mode now I can come in here and I can change that. So you saw that was one point nine seconds. Let’s take it to two. Now it’s the play button comes into use. Because now it’ set. So now I’m in there you can see that too. If you were in there and you try to play around to figure out what you need to do you can hit the test button in. That little test button. If my goal is to see what that looks like I can I’ll test it and say no I need to be higher let’s say 2.1

Female Speaker: That’s nice.

Male Speaker: So that’s where that gets. And then once you’re there you hit set because otherwise you have to always go back out of programming mode. Same thing through all of these basically so I can go through and set anything that I want.

Female Speaker: Is there anything else on the menu?

Male Speaker: In that particular menu no, but yes there is more through here. So what are you funneled through this menu is by hitting the player to get through that. And then you hit this button right here. That takes you through this. So real quick I mean everything is just all there. But I’m going to take you through that slower. Next we see it.

Female Speaker: All right. Thank you.

Male Speaker: OK. Got to get out of the continuous mode. OK. So as we go through OK we have what’s called the way that one second delay is the time that I hit this button there’s one second delay. OK. So as I take my 07:33 and push it in I want to delay how long it is just to activate against me accidentally touching it. OK. So if I didn’t want to actually start it you got to be committed. Hold on for a second. Next thing is a pulse setting you don’t really have to worry too much about that but you can hit this little if we’re you know like a mode I can hit this button impulsive for point five. So I want it just a little extra up dose. OK those accounts going to tell me what’s been done. Any brand new grinder might just have one. Let’s get back over there. That’s when we get pulses, back from here. Total count down a whole whopping five lot’s of shots here. Start number doesn’t have to worry about anything from there that’s just giving a little bit of a little bit options. This tells me how long this is continuously ran for. Thirteen seconds give or take. General time nineteen seconds means the entire machine. That last one was just showing me you can see what was blinking. Show me what it’s ran there. Whoops I just went right through the maintenance category. The maintenance was just on or off. OK. If I want to do default settings if I want to take it back to factory. So default I can take it back to where they said it originally. This is a really cool option here. So operation we need this in order. Which is what you just saw. One two and three buttons and it continuous. You can take this into a run to change it right here in either manual mode which would be you are just strictly continuous. Or you can take it in what’s called 09:04 . I’m going to change it into 09:06 just you can see what that looks like and let me pull back to here real quick if you can see the 09:15 allows you to do is make adjustments. So I have a program that you pointing to but let’s see I’m grinding in weather changes and I need to make change want to up dose it the whole thing is holding this getting into their and programming it I can just make a quick change.

Female Speaker: And that’s just up and down over here

Male Speaker: See the minus and plus. So if I’m sitting there and is pointing to and all of a sudden the grind changed and I get in there and I make a change in the grind. I need an extra point two seconds. And again I just hit a ball.

Female Speaker: So this is really from some kind of really who understand what those changes might be. Then why would you demonstrate that this is this is again it’s called the 09:52 menu for reasons you want to have a 09:55 someone that knows what they’re doing. If we want to lock in in place don’t let anyone touch it. We can’t do that or we can make it simple or make changes on the fly cool alright from there to get back out of 10:05 you just hold those two and then I’m going to really quickly go back to 10:11 change this back to auto. Something had to change but again that’s manual that’s auto. And now I can pull through there. OK. Stop and Go is going to allow you to stop and go basically so stop, if you wanna keep going Right now to set the off because it’s just the default on that. Change your password. There really isn’t a password on here so you don’t have to worry about it. You can set a password if you want.

Female Speaker: If you didn’t want anybody just anybody go in and be able do the stuff.

Male Speaker: If anyone is watching my video that’s like let’s go play with these now. And then of course change your language if you want to be in English you can do that as well. All right. From there it pulls us back out. Back where we started. And that’s the whole programming feature. Now to get into here this is a little stiff especially if it’s new. We’ve got to push that in and pull it down. This gets me into my grand adjustment. Oh. So if I want to go finer or 11:05 you know that you can see right at the very bottom of and if you can zoom into that there’s a little setscrew right there.

Female Speaker: Yeah.

Male Speaker: Can you see that. That actually if you see it it’s held up against them. That’s a set point that doesn’t let me go through them. OK. OK. Same thing as I turn it. Fine now you can see I have that, that gives me a range. So if you want you know 11:25 cannot really mess up and crank too much go Allen wrench you get in there and you can make the change you have to fit that locks it in so they can make to make changes.

Female Speaker: So am I my accessing like for cleaning and carrying me into my accessing my 11:37 from this direction.

Male Speaker: For you know you’re not accessing your 11:41

Female Speaker: I’m just not you just not gonna let me.

Male Speaker: No, I am not.

Female Speaker: I’m not I’m not licensed to do that.

Male Speaker: The answer is yes your birds go in through there. But to get into them let’s actually go into this one over here. So over here there’s a couple of things you have to. Right now see that’s locked in there. Yeah. There’s a little lever that’s right here. OK. If you want to get under her just to see it it’s a little sliding lever that goes left and right. So if I pull this. Out. OK that’s And allow me to lift this out here. Pulled all the way out. And then I can actually take this off. This is a safety switch when this is off. That has to be activated for it to work or if I turn this on right now it won’t work. I’d say protect your fingers. But you can see going down inside there. So that’s the whole 12:35. It’s everything that’s in there. OK. To actually get into your 12:39 . You’re going to have to take of this whole front panel.

Female Speaker: Yeah.

Male Speaker: You really don’t want to do that. You do have this you can slide this little clip up. I don’t know if it can actually get this out of here so that slides up but this is your whole working area. So if you wanted to do it in I would not recommend doing it. You can hop those four screws off. This comes out in now I can actually get into my 13:03

Female Speaker: OK so if you don’t recommend doing that then what am I doing for care and maintenance or running grains and then occasionally having a tech like look at it or

Male Speaker: Running grains over 11, 12 hundred pounds or so have a tech come up put new 13:18 inside of it. OK. The reason I don’t recommend it it’s just it’s a little more complex. Old one read is kinda screw it off, if you want to strip one of these screws or if you break a screw inside of it it doesn’t go back and level. You hear about 3000 13:32 that’s not working.

Female Speaker: It’s a paperweight.

Male Speaker: it’s a paperweight. But you can see how simple this system is coffee feeds in right through here and the chamber comes back right here. One of the big things that 13:44 really been trying to do is fight against the hold back. And if anyone doesn’t know what that is 13:50 there’s always a little chambers a little chute that comes out. You’ll see him on like some 13:54 grinders. In there’s always a certain amount of what’s called hold back which means coffee already been ground. So as in bringing new coffee I am pushing that up. Traditional grinders can have seven eight nine grams of the coffee the 14:06 is downright.

Female Speaker: It’s really just like. There’s there’s not a long shoot there.

Male Speaker: No it’s completely gravity feed I mean you can see this little round part. That’s the 14:17 are actually sitting there. OK look where my spout is. It’s right out that. So what’s actually in there they’re aiming for zero. But it’s it’s tiny amount.

Female Speaker: Cool.

Male Speaker: So again really what you’re looking at is basic traducing grainer it’s gives you three options it’s quick you can dose out three to four seconds for that 14 gram shot. Maybe a little bit more. Doesn’t give anything else except for just that dosing function. OK. This gives you the plus the tamper and what’s nice about this one versus the others. If you didn’t want to use the auto tamper all the time. I left this thing on. But if you wanted to tamp yourself, yeah I don’t have to use that tamper. So I can now bring it over here in Tamp.

Female Speaker: So you just have more options for somebody maybe who is learning and it doesn’t feel comfortable tamping on around.

Male Speaker: Yes. So you have that option to do it or I can take that back. Also because of the fact that you have it, if I’m working with multiple Grinder’s we only maybe need to have one of these I can have one of these other ones or different grinder sitting there. And then you get into this one here which again this is really this is going to be the most expensive one at your highest and one it is going to be very very grind consistent. It’s going to be very very consistent as far as maintaining taking as many variables out. OK but it’s going to be slower because you’re getting a much higher quality grind called. So you’re doing that for purpose.

Female Speaker: All right. So that is the make those series by Nuova Simonelli. Thank you very much Brenda.

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