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Hello… welcome to Barista Lab. Today we are going to check out the Musica by Nuova Simonelli, and it’s in a home setting… just so you are able to see what it looks like on a countertop and underneath the cabinets. So let’s check it out.

Here we have the… this is actually the Lux version. It comes with black… and I also think it comes in purple… but this is the… the one with the illuminated lights. If you want we can see it with the lights off… you have the ability to turn them on and turn them off. What I really liked about this machine is its strikingly attractive. The stainless steel contrast with the lights… it just works really well in any kitchen setting. Starting with… so it’s a single boiler heat exchanger machine, and the steam wand is commercial… commercial grade four-hole steam tip, and you also see the lever here that you experience on the commercial machines, which is very nice. I like that you can turn it on halfway, or turn it on full blast… whatever you prefer while steaming. It has a interface… a push-button interface here.

So this is the on/off button… here is the double shot… a manual start/stop… a single shot… and the water. So the water comes out from here, and all of those buttons are programmable. You can also go in and program a pre-infusion… which is really nice about this machine. It comes with a commercial group… fifty eight millimeter group and portafilter. The accessories with this machine are a single spout portafilter… fifty eight millimeter… the same one you see with the commercial machines which is very nice… a double spout… fifty eight millimeter portafilter. The blank back flushing disk here… a posit tamper, and a coffee scoop.

I’m going back to the machine. Here we have a cup warmer, and also the water reservoir is located under this lid. It’s a three litre water reservoir, and what I really like about this machine is that you are able to have cups warming here, and go uninterrupted when you have to refill the water.

Also there is no hoses at all that connect this water reservoir to the machine pump. Also one thing that may be a drawback is that the water reservoir does not come out if it’s under the cabinet, so you may have to move the machine forward a bit. That may be the only downside here.

Where To Buy A Nuova Simonelli Musica Espresso

Also there is the two litre copper boiler… a twelve hundred watt heating element… so it’s very powerful. You don’t get any interruption when you are steaming and brewing at the same time which is really really nice when making milk based drinks. Also going down here… there’s a really large drip tray.

You can flush and pull shots, and… without having to empty this very often. It’s also easily removable from the front of the machine

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