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More About Nuova Simonelli Coffee Machines

Nuova Simonelli is an Italian corporation with tradition and experience dating back many years. They are among the leading international businesses manufacturing professional coffee machines. They have a presence in 120 countries across the world, which outlines their quality machines, and professional service.

Nuova Simonelli have been making commercial espresso machines since 1936 and now export them worldwide – including Australia. Koffeeone is a leading Nuova Simonelli Coffee Machine Supplier

Today, Nuova Simonelli offer a vast range of coffee industry products that meet the strict requirements of the hospitality industry.

Corporate investments into Research and Development and the formation of new solutions have brought important recognition to the Nuova Simonelli brand. These include the first ergonomic machine and cutting-edge applications, The World Barista Championship, and an the award of the Compasso d’Oro for design innovation,

Their sales network is comprised of coffee industry professionals and expert consultants who know the coffee machine market and are able to provide assistance, on an ongoing basis. Koffeeone are proud to be an integral part of their sales network

Today their company mission is to continue with investments into design, research, assistance and training and, so that they can play an integral part in your business success.

The secret of their success

  • reliable products,
  • efficient organisation
  • dynamic management team
  • new market strategies
  • continued improve performance
  • leaders in the coffee industry.