Nuova Simonelli Aurelia II

High Performance, Durable, And Dependable

The Nuova Simonelli Aurelia II is a coffee machine that checks all the right boxes including performance, durability, and dependability. It comes in four variants that serve and address every person’s needs in their business. With the advancement of technology, the espresso machine packs the best in the coffee making machines.

Technology, design, and creativity currently are the must look for when it comes to product selection in the business setting. The Nuova Simonelli coffee and cappuccino machines attest to the above statement. They have constantly held up the standards of espresso coffee all around Italy.

Easy Cream

With this function, customers are at liberty to concoct their cappuccinos with precise accuracy to what they would like. The Aurellia II features and easy to operate interface that allows virtually anyone to brew anything need.

That runs on Digit and T3 version also comes with a programmable button that allows storage of memory of the favourites that helps in replication of the same cappuccino over and over without any adjustments. You do not need to be setting the machine daily.

How It Works

The easy cream function works by the machine injecting hot steam and air at a delicately set angle. Just like an excellent barista to a dispensing cup in the machine and in the process heating it up.

In the process, the air helps in thoroughly mixing the milk up to attain a smooth texture. Upon achieving the set temperature, the machine shuts down automatically and dispenses the ready to drink cappuccino.

How It Is Made

The air shooting nozzles are installed at a very intricate tangential angle. It helps in creating just the right amount of swirling in the coffee cup to deliver the perfect creamy texture you could get. The air system is remarkably good as it attains consistent savour and temperature even for voluminous servings.

Consistency And Performance

The Aurellia II runs on the tried and tested SIS system, the Soft Infusion System (SIS) that is precise calibrate to deliver repeatedly. You do not have to worry of any inconsistency while the espresso machine is up and running.

The machines use Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) digital control pressure switch can accurately sense the temperatures in the milk and the hot water in the machine. Linking the near fool proof mechanism and the dependable SIS system makes the machine a great barista to brew your coffee.

Adaptability And Functionality

Dispenser height – the espresso machine comes in a variant of two dispenser heights, the normal height group of 80 mm and the elevated group of 125 mm. that allows for easy use of the taller glasses.

Automatic cleaning – gone are the days where the expression machine cleaning was done manually. With the new design Aurellia II, it has a self-cleaning mechanism that ensures a thorough and better clean for improved hygienic reasons.

Convenience and user-friendliness – the Nuova Simonelli has improved design factors in the ergonomics of the machine use. Inheriting a majority of design features from its forerunners, it comes with: (a) push and pulls levers for easy operations; (b) well-labeled and accessible buttons; (c)slanting filter holders for easy and clean changing; and (d) a visible outstanding design that is straightforward easy to the eye.

Security Ergonomics

Reverse mirror – it incorporates a reverse mirror that allows the barista to catch a glimpse of the coffee filter without having to stoop low to catch a glance. This always gives a warning early enough to help you know when to change up. This feature was well taken up by the well-known and acknowledged baristas in the industry.

Milk light – the machine features lighting systems within the milk compartment that illuminates thus giving a better view during foaming. Once a coveted secret in the profession, it made it an easy task even for the common person to brew excellent cappuccinos.

LED light – the new lighting systems allow for better illumination within and around the machine while in us giving a better view whilst making the coffee.

Cool touch – it also features the new-patented steam nozzles. Cool touch that is well secured within the machine and have better milk heating in comparison to the other technology that ended up burning milk and become bothersome to clean.

Rationality And Simplicity

Smart functions – being a new machine with loads of technology, the machine is electronically controlled and programmable while running under the Digit T3 version system. It can carry out functions such as self-diagnosis, PID, cup warming, Energy saving or programmable daily on-off, auto steam among many others.

LCD display – the newly installed TFT display allows for easy control by use of the simple menu and rotatory control menu. This makes it usable by virtually anyone who can read.

The display can also monitor production specifications set by the barista such as:
• Shot-time;
• Brewing and group temperatures – T3;
• Energy saving;
• Hot water pressure; and
• Additional pre-infusion.

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