Interviewer: Good morning Gail. You got yourself a new toy.
Gail: I got a new toy.
Interviewer: So we are here at the showroom of Nuova Simonelli here in South Seattle…
Gail: Nuo… How did you say that?
Interviewer: Nuova Simonelli…
Gail: Yeah… in South Seattle. Anyway… We are… Yeah. We just got a little tutorial and then a little education on their machines.
Interviewer: Yeah! So first up, we are talking about the Aurelia.
Gail: This is the Aurelia. It comes in three different versions.
Interviewer: Okay.
Gail: Push button and then just on and off.
Interviewer: Yeah semi-automatic. Okay.
Gail: Volumetric … Semi-automatic… and then this is an automatic volumetric control…
Interviewer: Hmm-hmm.
Gail: And then a digital one where you have a little more playing that you can do with it.
Interviewer: Okay.
Gail: A copper border on the inside… sixteen leaders…
Interviewer: Hmm-hmm. Big boy!
Gail: Big… Big boy!
Interviewer: And these are heat exchangers…
Gail: Heat exchanger… yep.
Interviewer: Hmm-hmm.
Gail: And lots of safety features inside that if the water is cut off toward it, or anything like this, it’s going to disable the machine…
Interviewer: Yeah.
Gail: So you don’t kill it.
Interviewer: Yeah.
Gail: This machine comes with a… it comes two head… three head, and a four-group.
Interviewer: Hmm-hmm.
Gail: The four-group is not sold very often… just once in a while.
Interviewer: Yeah.
Gail: Any way… you could… the two-group… they are going to have two steam arms; one water dispenser… and this is an option… this is an auto steamer.
Interviewer: Hmm-hmm.
Gail: You can set the temperature that this will cut off… like if you want it to cut off at one hundred fifty, it’s going to rise up to a hundred and fifty-five or so afterwards.
Interviewer: Okay.
Gail: Comes with the high and low, so that you can put a… you know… higher cup… a taller cup in there…
Interviewer: On the automatic and digital versions.
Gail: Hmm-hmm.
Interviewer: The semi is lower.
Gail: Get down! There you go. Yes! Yes… it is.
Interviewer: Yeah.
Gail: That is why you can see that right here. Well this is a different machine, but it’s just the show room.
Interviewer: But it’s show… yeah.
Gail: Yep. So…
Interviewer: And he was saying like you can put a twelve ounce cup under these guys…
Gail: Hmm-hmm.
Interviewer: But if you’re doing your semi-auto, you need to be looking at those shots…
Gail: You want to see the shots…
Interviewer: So you’ll actually have to pull into the glasses.
Gail: Exactly… yep. So if you’ve got a tall cup in there, you are not going to see the shots…
Interviewer: Exactly!
Gail: You need to be able to shut it off when it starts the [02:01- inaudible] …
Interviewer: Exactly.
Gail: And those stuff like that.
Interviewer: Cool.
Gail: So…
Interviewer: Alright.
Gail: These also do not have a turn knob for your steam…
Interviewer: Hmm-hmm.
Gail: It have a [intermittent steam spray sound], or a [steady steam spray sound]
Interviewer: Got it.
Gail: Shoo… a facial! I’ll see what else are the features of these machines.
Interviewer: The cool… a cool thing is the back flushing.
Gail: Auto back flushing.
Interviewer: Yeah.
Gail: Yes.
Interviewer: So all three versions of the Aurelia have an automatic back flushing process that they fall out.
Gail: Yes. They all do. I think the Appia does as well.
Interviewer: Except for the semi-auto’s…
Gail: Except for the semi-auto’s…
Interviewer: Yeah… anything with the rockers…yeah.
Gail: Yep.
Interviewer: But all three of these versions do…
Gail: They go through their paces.
Interviewer: Yeah.
Gail: You put the detergent in there and you push a button, and it just does it automatically.
Interviewer: And then you can just go and have a cocktail on the side.
Gail: Yeah…you are getting glass of wine in about thirty to forty five seconds ahead of everybody else.
Interviewer: Exactly! Yeah. So this is the will do… it does shot counting, and it also will enable you to…
Gail: Yes.
Interviewer: So the digital version has both a pressure stat and a PID… correct?
Gail: You can change the temperature… yep… at the brew head if you want.
Interviewer: Well you are changing the boiler temp.
Gail: You are changing the boiler temperature, but hence it…
Interviewer: It will affect the… yeah…
Gail: Yeah… it’s going to obviously bleed down into the… what you are going to get as water at the brew head.
Interviewer: So why is the Aurelia so awesome? I think that you need to show off your little toys over here.
Gail: Yeah. This is the reason… the Aurelia …this is the brew head. Right…
Interviewer: How much do you want to say that weighs Gail?
Gail: I’m going to say… I’m guessing… I’m going to say ten pounds.
Interviewer: Ten pounds?
Gail: Two bags of sugar.
Interviewer: All right. Okay.
Gail: All right. This is their brew head. You can see how massive it is.
Interviewer: Hmm-hmm.
Gail: This one is the brew head on the Appia in their other machines.
Interviewer: Hmm-hmm.
Gail: And on the Musica it’s the same brew head…it only cut down about this far… so you have less mass.
Interviewer: Okay.
Gail: More mass… more control over the temperature… consistency.
Interviewer: Got it.
Gail. It’s going to be much more consistent. So that’s the Appia’s brew head… we will put this over there, and this is the Aurelia’s brew head.
Interviewer: Now he was saying that these are heat exchangers… if you’ve got… you know… two-group, three-group… that kind of thing…
Gail: Hmm-hmm.
Interviewer: If you have the PID version… the digit version… you can have them sort of…
Gail: Adjust it…
Interviewer: Mechanically adjust the group head at the factory.
Gail: Right. And if you… like a three group… they will adjust two at the same temperature, and the third one will be the odd one out…
Interviewer: Or however you would like to do…
Gail: However you want it… for tea or whatever… and they do that at the factory… you have to just ask for them to do it.
Interviewer: And you say, “We want a three degree difference…”
Gail: Hmm-hmm.
Interviewer: Or something like that.
Gail: Yep.
Interviewer: And then they actually like put some… they do something…
Gail: Well what… it’s really… it’s very simple.
Interviewer: Yeah. But it’s cool!
Gail: Cold water and hot water.
Interviewer: Yeah.
Gail: There are just… see the size of the orifice there…
Interviewer: Hmm-hmm.
Gail: Which is this one here…
Interviewer: Yeah.
Gail: You can take these out and you can change them…
Interviewer: Okay.
Gail: Which will obviously change the amount of cold water versus hot water going in…
Interviewer: So that how…
Gail: So you are mixing…
Interviewer: So they do that at the factory, and then that’s…
Gail: You are just mixing more cold water with the hot water to make it cooler, or less making it hotter.
Interviewer: Got it. It’s very fancy.
Gail: It’s very mechanical… very simple.
Interviewer: So…
Gail: Oh… there’s another this machine has…
Interviewer: Oh.
Gail: Soft pre-infusion.
Interviewer: Okay. What is that?
Gail: It’s not really under pressure, but there’s a cavity in here…
Interviewer: Hmm-hmm.
Gail: You know… an opening, and this will fill up with water, and as it fills up with water… when it gets to the top… it will rise up and go to your nine bars of pressure.
Interviewer: So it’s saturating the coffee all the way up to that point, and then the pressure is coming down?
Gail: Exactly.
Interviewer: Got it.
Gail: Then it goes into the… so it’s a soft infusion and that’s what they call it.
Interviewer: And so that means that you won’t have… you have a less likelihood of channeling…
Gail: And dry sections in the puck.
Interviewer: Yeah.
Gail: Hmm-hmm.
Interviewer: So you get more from your coffee.
Gail: Hmm-hmm.
Interviewer: Okay.
Gail: And… as it was explained to us… others actually have a… you know… a pump goes on… pump goes off… pump goes on… pump goes off…
Interviewer: Yeah.
Gail: This is more of a soft infusion which gets more water in the whole puck.
Interviewer: Got it.
Gail: Less channeling.
Interviewer: Who would buy this crazy machine Gail? What’s the best kind of application for it?
Gail: This would be a higher volume shop…
Interviewer: Okay.
Gail: Where you are doing more… this is your focus…
Interviewer: Is coffee… you’re a café…and that’s what you’re going to do.
Gail: You are a café. If you are getting into some of the spots like in the back of an art gallery, or you know… at a bar…
Interviewer: Hmm-hmm.
Gail: In a restaurant or something like that, then you are going to go to… well you would probably go to…
Interviewer: Like this guy.
Gail: This is the compact.
Interviewer: Yeah… which we will go into later.
Gail: Yeah. This is the Aurelia compact.
Interviewer: So…
Gail: This is smaller… everything about it is a little smaller.
Interviewer: So this is really made for high production cafe environments…
Gail: Hmm-hmm. Yep.
Interviewer: And you know… you can get… if you want to do the automatic frothing…
Gail: The automatic…
Interviewer: Then it kind of takes a little bit of the…
Gail: It does… but it’s good… I mean…
Interviewer: Work out of the equation.
Gail: Yeah… it lets go to… it lets you do something else… pulling shots.
Interviewer: Cool. All right. So… that is the Aurelia. Oh… and we should mention… this particular one is the champion… this is the competition version.
Gail: Competition version.
Interviewer: And this is the machine that was selected by the World Barista Championship…
Gail: Yep. And…
Interviewer: For a competition.
Gail: Take a look at this [07:06 – inaudible]. Don’t fall… or can you come over here? Yeah… let me guide you down this little step here. Don’t fall now! Okay. Step down. There you go.
Interviewer: Gail when are we going to do the Paninis?
Gail: Yeah… I know. This is the push-button one.
Interviewer: Okay.
Gail: Look how pretty it is. Look at the in-panels and all. It is a pretty thing.
Interviewer: Yeah… it’s very gorgeous. All right. So that is the Aurelia.
Gail: Yep.
Interviewer: Thank you Gail.
Gail: Good effort and whoop… whoop… whoop…whoop.

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