Looking To Purchase A Nuova Simonelli Aurelia 2?


So I know you probably hopefully have been watching all of our videos and you can see Nuova Simonelli Aurelia 2 into line goes from some automatic volumetric and digit and then to T3.

T3 even though it’s using that Aurelia name is a completely different machine. So the big thing T3 stands for three temperature points. So it actually has three different thermostats inside of it, it’s got a steam boiler and that of course has a heating element inside of it. This is a two root machine it’s a 6000 watt heating element that’s back there.

The front of here when we get up to our group heads as opposed to the other really is that our heat exchanger machines, these are actually the single or individual group head boiler machines. It’s an individual coffee brewer so which means I have an actual Brewer siting at each one of these group heads that are independently controlled. They have their own heating elements, I can set them independent of each other. I can have 195 or 205, it doesn’t make a difference. And what they do is they actually change the water from the steam boiler so they still use the same technology that way when it deposits water into the coffee boiler, it’s actually up to temperature already. So that provides long term stability, we can run this thing just over and over and over and you really don’t see a temperature fluctuations.

The third temperature point is actually right here it’s the group head. It actually stuck couple hundred watts heating element inside the group head to maintain that temperature. Now we can match temperature so I can have a 200 watt at the group head, 200 watt at the coffee boiler. Now I can ensure throughout the whole process I’m getting consistent temperature and I can also change that, so I can take 200 watt to make the group head two or three, bend the temperature up or we can bend it down if we want to as well, doesn’t make any real data difference but that why they call it T3, that is why it’s just so stable because I have full temperature control all the way to the point the water gets right here. A couple of features on this machine you’re going to see this is a semi automatic machine as of right now this is the only version that’s comes in its semi-automatic.

OK What that means is no volumetric control, I can’t get it work away, I’m going to turn it on and turn it off. The reason that’s there is that it’s an high end machine, it’s an expensive machine but it can do some really cool things. The people that are using this are very high third wave coffee shops. So if you’ve got single origin coffee that I need to have, I might have two different writers in the bar and I have Sumatran coffee and an Ethiopian single work in expresso, both are going to require different temperature change and I can do that with this machine. There’s no other machines in the market that do this the other Aurelias before that cannot do that at all. Roughly 198 degrees is what you pull through those machines all the way across.

This machine also comes with the manual steamers, so again in a third wave coffee shop it’s very likely you’re probably steaming your own milk or some type of something. The steam pressure is right here and that is alot of steam. OK it’s got a couple of the extra features that’s up here, it’s got the independent cleaning cycles that I can actually hold it there. And there’s what’s called the auto clean cycle that can actually clean this one group head at a time. So if I want to clean while one is still operating that way it just doesn’t shut me down completely. Getting into the menus is as simple as hitting the enter button holding it for about five seconds.

So just up and down buttons it’s very simple and tells you exactly what it’s doing program dose which means this machine is not in a program, delivery count will tell me how many shots have gone through there, active group heads again if I want to maybe I’m only using one group head in the afternoon so I’m going to shut one down to save my power, I can do that. Not as important of a feature in the two group with three and four groups you know. And why waste money running two groups as if you’re not going to use them. From there On-Off programming so if you want to program this machine and turn on-off at a certain point, energy savings so I can set it to actually as opposed to turning on and off maybe just turning down to 140 degrees at night when I’m not here or is not taken very often.

Here’s one again, this is what makes it T-3, the set point temperature. OK I’m going to go into this one. Very simple to see what you have is set point and temperature and that’s what it’s actually reading out right now we just turn this machine on so it’s not quite up the temperature in these groups heads as it does take quite a long time, you can see it building already. G1 stands for group one, so I have it set to be running at 200 degrees TEMP 198.1. Once it gets to a temperature it’ll stay there, we haven’t gotten to that point yet. So I may hit enter, C1 stands for coffee boiler. OK so my coffee one, this is my first group head and a boiler that’s there I’ve got a set of 200 degrees and it’s currently sitting at 199.9 degrees.

I want to make a change so I can just press enter, so it actually goes back a little bit up. So let’s go through here again, so G2 stands for group two with the same concept as G1. C2 stands for Coffee boiler two. So now if I wanted to make a change I would just hit up or down. so you see how it’s set point at top. Let’s say I want to take this one to 201, to get to two a oneit’ll take it to 201.2 degrees and I’ll just hit enter and it would hold it for you. And now you can see this one start climbing automatically.

That now getting three groups you have the same exact concept that is what makes this machine special that is the T3. For that feature right there that is why you want to buy this machine.
Next thing is a couple programming that’s just a feature that’s always there doesn’t actually have a cup warm or they don’t do that in America we could put it on there if you ever wanted to discuss more money. Date and Hour, set the date an hour of machine, display settings gets you into a whole different options as far as brightness that I want to have and how I want to read these things.

Display time, don’t worry about the display time, and actually I want to get out of there, let’s go down, delivery in washing cycle, this is actually kind of cool one because as an operator you tell your employees ‘hey make sure you run the cleaning cycle’. And you come in the next morning and they were like ‘I did it boss, I cleaned it!’
So this one here set point temperature, this is for a steam boiler, so you can see we’re at 251.6. But I can change this if I want to change it down to 250, wherever I want to go with the steam inside, the more steam power back there the more you’re going to have pressure coming out of here.

Fault history will tell you if there’s been any faults, any alarms that have come through that’s helpful with technicians. Maintenance again that’s something the technicians are going to usually worry too much about that. This is a washing alarm it can give you an alarm, a little annoying beep. It’ll let you know ‘hey you need to watch this things’ and whether to activate it or not.
In Language, if you don’t want to read English, you can go to Italian, Spanish, Portuguese or whatever you want to do.

This is for temperature if you want to read in Fahrenheit or you want to read in celsuis. Light adjustments let me bring the light temperature up and down so I can make a brighter or dimmer.
And then this is actually for these ones right here, bring those up or down and then let’s pull through there. And then I’m back to using the machine where it is.
So that is a very simple menu which is very to understand, and if you screw up, just turn it off and turn it on.

There’s is a light switch underneath here that you can turn on and off, power switch is underneath here where you see my hand it’s the big rocker switch with a little too many ones are the ones for the light. Other than that, this is a machine that can be used almost infinitely. You know I don’t know what volume to say, I mean four five six hundred drinks it should handle it no problem.