Nuova Simonelli Appia II

Guarantees The Best Value For Your Money

Nuova Simonelli Appia II espresso machine is one of the products from the Nuova Simonelli team that guarantees you value for your money, which is very rare in the products of the same category in the market. This machine comes with high performance and productivity that gives you a guarantee of all the recognised features of the numerous baristas across the world.

The Appia team, by implementing the outcome of research and studies, with aid of professionals, has designed a machine that is very easy to maintain. Appia II has simplicity, originality, and creativity that makes it be a distinct product whose reliability is proven, this makes it be the perfect and preferred machine for all rooms.

Nuova Simonelli, for 70 years and above, has the credibility of developing machines that offers a guaranteed and superior performance, even when situations were not favorable. Coffee machines produced by the above-named company are easy to use, serves multiple functions, very dependable and efficient.

Additionally, they have introduced several coffee machine technologies that include Soft Infusion System (SIS). The SIS technology is for pre-infusion independent heat exchangers and the coffee for each group head. With these new methods and developments, Nuova has managed to produce a coffee making machine that has an exceptional performance.

With the latest design and technical specifications of Appia II, the machine is very impressive. The glossy surface made of stainless steel makes the machine to look bright. The Appia II machine also offers resistance to wear with the remodeled design of the back panel.

Reverse Mirror

Appia II comes with a reverse mirror in its design. Nuova Simonelli has implemented this design that lets the machine take control of coffee. The casing of the filter which ensures that the container is neat while avoiding bending down simultaneously.

Cup Warmer

This cup warmer is made in a way that it flushes with the cover level. This has increased its volume and also ensured increased speed of the machine in a situation that is very challenging.

Push-Button Panel

The push button panel has been modified with easy to use keys. This has increased its sensitivity and responsiveness. The push button panel of the remodeled Appia II machine is also resistant to wear due to the technical improvements of its new design.

Functional side

Appia II machine comes with features such as drip tray and adjustable nozzle made of stainless steel that makes rinsing very simple. The holder has a soft touch, also, it has a practical push and pulls the lever.

These features have propounded the qualities that made the earlier models very ergonomic. The work exterior has a large angle of view.

The dual scale pressure guide and water level gauge makes the coffee machine to be in control of every single movement. The Appia II machine is highly flexible to function with tall glasses too.

Besides all the technical aspects, this coffee machine is designed to offer environmentally friendly solutions and very easy to maintain.


The coffee machine is made to offer high sustainability. Most of the parts that require mechanical rigidity are made of the brass alloy without lead. Also, copper has been used, therefore, lessening the use of other materials.

Designed For Easy Upkeep

For easy and faster process of maintenance, the espresso machine has its sides designed to open and also has nozzles that are adjustable.

SIS (Soft Infusion System)

This offers a formal assurance of a soft infusion, designed to get all the froth off the coffee, thus giving out a flavored coffee.


TurboCream is a system designed to transform milk into a thick froth, this process is simple, dependable and produces a froth that is free of germs by the design of a nozzle protection by thermal insulation.

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