new commercial coffee machine steam wand

You know that smooth, velvety, wet paint textured milk called microfoam? It is the heart of latte art.

While it may take a while to master the art of producing this milk, we’ve got a few general guidelines for you to keep in mind when steaming your milk into microfoam using your new commercial coffee machine.

Step by step guide to creating perfect microfoam

Start with a chilled steaming pitcher. You can chill your pitcher by keeping the pitcher in the freezer or refrigerator.

Use milk that is ice cold.

Start steaming and spinning the milk in a rapid clockwise motion, then work on steaming the surface of the milk for at least 15 seconds, and ensure that the new commercial coffee machine steam wand is able to both suck in air and milk simultaneously.

Plunge the steam wand entirely into the milk, then roll the milk during the remainder of the steam.

Your milk should measure between 60ºC and 75ºC; it’ll be chalky if too cold and scalded if too hot.

Settle the milk by tapping the pitcher onto the counter. This will force all air bubbles in the milk to rise to the top.

Before pouring the milk, be sure to roll it slightly around the pitcher, to reunite the foam and milk.

The milk should have a smooth, glassy surface with absolutely no bubbles.

Pour and create your very own latte art.