Opal Café Sydney Installs A New Coffee Machine From Koffeeone

cafe coffee machinesIt turns out that the Carimali Kicco Traditional Cafe Coffee Machine was the right machine for Opal Cafe Sydney.

The team at Koffeeone installed a Carimali traditional cafe coffee machine into the up and coming Opal Café in Pitt Street Sydney.

After installing the new machine, everybody agreed the coffee was fantastic, and the new cafe coffee machine is excelling at providing Opal Cafe’s coffee regulars with their morning tradition.

The team at Opal Cafe know how importation a quality cafe coffee machine is. Most of the team have worked with the Carimali cafe coffee machine range for years in Asia, and now that experience is being continued in Sydney.

Contact Koffeeone today if you require a new coffee machine for your cafe. With have a comprehensive range of machines that will meet all your requirements in serving great coffee to your customers.

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Pierro Alaskan a Perfect Café Coffee Machine

The Pierro Alaskan café  coffee machine represents an excellent  new design with features not found in other café coffee machine.

Whether in the hands of an experienced Barista or skilled novice, the Pierro Alaskan’s advanced electronics, controls, and design ensure a premium specialty coffee drink.

This Café Coffee Machine will give you the confidence to extract your perfect espresso coffee, shot after shot.

Designed and built with 100% pure Italian components, this espresso coffee machine is well suited for the Australian Market.

An outstanding and premium quality espresso coffee machine.