Mythos Plus Coffee Grinder

Sleek design and sturdy functionality

The Mythos Plus Coffee Grinder is sleek and sturdy and very functional, look no further than the Mythos Plus Coffee Grinder if you truly want a grinder of the future.

Created for both professional baristas and keen amateurs, the Mythos Plus Coffee Grinder features three programmable doses and extensions to make sure you get your ideal grind, no matter what coffee blend you’re brewing.

For ease of use, the grinder features a stainless steel fork like filter holder that can be positioned in two different ways to ensure easy, mess free coffee delivery.

Designed for all coffee corners, shops and restaurants, and was crafted for accuracy and cleanliness, with adjustable tamping pressure up to 22Kg, a modular hopper design and a removable coffee drip tray.

The 3.2Kg transparent hopper and on-demand functionality makes certain that no matter how busy your coffee shop or restaurant is, your coffee will always stay fresh.

Technical Data
Versions Barista/Plus/Basic
Dimensions (mm-inch) L:
188 (7 3/8”)
497 (199 16”)
595 (23 3/8”)
Hopper (kg) 3,2
Automated Tamper Plus Version
Peso Netto-Lordo (Kg-Lb) 60 (133) – 65 (143)
Grinders (mm) 75
Voltage (Volt) 230 V / 220 V
Power (Watt) 800(50Hz) / 1050(60Hz)
  • 3.2 kg Transparent hopper
  • Hopper with separate compartments
  • Multilingual LCD
  • 3 programmable doses + extension
  • Safety system for hopper extraction
  • Stepless grinder
  • Adjustable tamping pressure (0-22Kg)
  • Operating switch
  • Fork holder in stainless steel with dual position
  • Removable coffee drip tray

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