Marco Beverage Systems Jet 6

Excellent In Brewing Coffee

The Marco Beverage Systems Jet 6 is a 6-litre container that has all the qualities to keep your aromatic and freshly brewed coffee hot for several hours. This shuttle container not only offers an ideal portable solution but also allows serving hot beverages to your customers wherever they may be. The container also ensures your beverages remain as hot as they were during brewing.

JET6 Single 2.8kW

– Excellent in brewing coffee;
– Delivers coffee into the portable urn on the spot;
– Has an attractive design ideal for prestigious locations;
– Made from stainless steel;
– Batch volumes vary;
– Has a basket safety lock used during brewing;
– Easy to operate;
– Provides for the control of the cost per cup; and
– Design restricts the operator to making minimal errors.

Jet URN 6.0L

– Has a portable 6-litre urn;
– Supports direct delivery of coffee into the unit courtesy of JET brewer;
– Ideal for all hotels, restaurants, catering locations and café;
– Vacuum insulation ensures the coffee remains hot for several hours while maintaining its optimum aromatic flavour;
– Provides for a simple “press & twist” system to allow for quick base removal and easy refill;
– Made from stainless steel, glass and plastic materials;
– Has an attractive design that enhances the beauty of your station of service; and
– Has top ergonomic handles that make it compact and portable.

JET 6 (1000850) 6-Litre Bulk Coffee Brewer – 5.6kW

With just a press of a button, the operator will not only be able to brew fresh coffee but also do it in bulk, thanks to the game-changing Marco JET 6 Bulk Coffee Brewer. The brewer comes with numerous user-friendly features that include a touchscreen interface.

The brewer also has exceptional energy-saving capabilities. Marco JET 6 Bulk Coffee Brewer is best suited for various fast-paced catering establishments. This Marco Coffee Brewer guarantees to satisfy the coffee needs of your wide range of customers.


– Availability of Urn and Grinder, though sold separately;
– Can brew coffee in back-to-back batches of 2 to 6 litres;
– Makes a cup of coffee of quality SCAE gold;
– Operator-friendly with a touch screen interface;
– Provides for automatic control of grinder slave;
– Allows for control of the ratio of water to coffee;
– Provides for the dispensation of hot water;
– Provides for precise control of water volumes and temperature;
– Has minimised footprint;
– Has built-in cup-well;
– Highly energy efficient;
– Has a sleek front-of-house design;
– Allows for versatile deployment with the help of a grinder, pre-ground packs or manual;
– Has a reduced operator error;
– Can make 189 cups per hour;
– The 6L hot water draw set to off mode (disabled when brewing coffee);
– Has a plumbing requirement of ¾” BSP;
– Dimensions: 810(H) x 303(W) x 444(D)mm;
– Packed dimensions: 620 x 440 x 850mm;
– Power: 230V, 5.6kW, 24.3A
– Full brew: 6L
– Weight: 24 Kg

Besides its attractiveness, the Marco JET 5.6kW Filter Coffee Brewer provides you with the much-needed power and efficiency in brewing your favourite drink. This brewer is made from stainless steel and is very easy to operate as it comes with a touchscreen interface. It can also make back-to-back batches of between 2 to 6 litres of SCAE Gold cup-quality standards, exclusive of Carafe.

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