Lets Discuss The Importance Of Maintaining and Cleaning Coffee Grinders – To Ensure Perfect 100% Pure Espresso. 

Maintaining and Cleaning Coffee Grinders

Maintaining and Cleaning Coffee Grinders For Your Coffee Machines

Clean Grinders produce 100% Pure Espresso.

Maintaining and Cleaning Coffee Grinders To Suit Your Coffee Machines

Clean Grinders Mean 100% Satisfaction.

Maintaining and Cleaning Coffee Grinders Suited to Your Commercial Coffee Machines

Quality Assured Coffee comes from Clean Grinders .

To have a fresh cup of coffee every morning. First of all we need ensure our staff are maintaining and cleaning the coffee grinders regularly. Same dedicated attention to cleaning your grinder should be adhered to just as you do your coffee machine. Due to Bean oils and coffee grinds clinging to the inner components of the grinder. Which Leads to inconsistently ground coffee if the grinder is not cleaned out often. Cleaning burr grinders varies depending on the model of the grinder. Why? Because different models feature different inside parts and different construction designs. However. Cleaning concepts for all burr grinders are the same even for the manually operated hand mills.


Our Tips On Maintaining and Cleaning Coffee Grinders

Flat Blade Grinders.

First of All When cleaning blade grinders.
– Place about 20 grams (1/4 cup) of uncooked dry rice into the bean hopper.
– Operate the grinder for a few seconds until the rice is ground to fine powder/flour.
– Remove the powdered rice and clean the collection bin
– Unplug the grinder and then wipe the inside using a damp dishcloth/towel.

Repeat the above process every time the grinder starts to give off an odor or when it needs some cleaning. Consequently this happens when grinding coffee beans. Because the oils that are produced by the coffee beans cling unto the cutting blades. Therefore they are also on the inside parts of the bean hopper.

Conical Burr Grinders.

Start by disassembling the coffee grinder:
– Most of the burr grinders have a coffee bean hopper; remove it then wash it together with the lid cover by hand.
– Turn the grinder on briefly while the hopper is removed to get rid of any grind remaining on the burrs.
– Disconnect the grinder from the power source.
– Remove all plastic and rubber parts that usually come in contact with the coffee beans and wash them by hand as well.                         ,  – Also clean the bin that collects the ground coffee.
– Take out the inner burr. For some grinders you may need some tools to do this.
– Using a stiffened brush, knock off any ground coffee that is stuck to the burrs.
– Using a piece of dry cloth, wipe both burrs as this will help in absorbing and removing any bean oils left behind when grinding                 – (do not use water for washing the burrs).
– Let all the washed parts to dry fully before reassembling the grinder.

Keeping Grinders In Good Condition and Clean Prolong Its Life.

Another option to to disassembling your is the use grinder cleaning tablets. We can run cleaning tablets through the grinder. As a result these tablets knock off any ground coffee left in the grinder. And absorb any oils left behind as well.

Therefore If you prefer to use cleaning tablets for the grinder. Simply pour the correct amount into the bean hopper. Adjust  the grind of the cutting blades. Allow the grinder to operate briefly so that the tablets run through the grinder. Furthermore add about 2 ounces (approximately 60 grams) of coffee. Begin to operate your grinder. Now discard the tablet residues and ground coffee and clean the collection bin.

Depending on how often you use the coffee grinder. Determines how often  you should clean your grinder. Almost certainly you should always clean the grinder after a few months operation . Consequentty to maintain a high quality grind for your coffee.

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