Lets Assist Each Other Share the Rewards On Offer From Google 

How Can We Do It ?

Simply Share and Like The Posts Of your Connections – You Will  Increase Their Web Site Rankings 

The Internet is here to Stay. Commerce Behaviour and Business procedures have changed forever and will never be going back. Google is a powerful machine and we all want part of the action and the benefits it has to bring. In our social lives. Our professional lives and financial well being.  No matter if you are  seeking to buy a product. Gain Knew Employment.  Or sell a service or a product. We all deserve to be in the game. We all deserve to benefit from this Knew phenomenon and ensure others do also.

Google is not the only powerful internet tool. Linkedin is an equally powerful knew Tool for all of us members. We all  have joined this dynamic and fantastic special club for many differing and  varying reasons. I joined because i love to meet people. To Share their interesting stories and learn of their professional achievements and off course to share my companies products and services.  I am excited in the opportunities it also brings.

Google rewards those who share the same passion – to spread information Far and wide

Web sites that attract vast numbers of visitors are rewarded handsomely by Google with high page rankings for key words. So to all of us in small to medium size businesses who are Linkedin members we need to help each other  share the rewards of Google . HOW ? By Simply sharing our posts and articles, which delivers  traffic to each others web sites. A simply sharing gesture which takes 3 seconds may change the lives of hundreds maybe thousands of people in small business.  By increasing traffic to their web sites, increasing  sales of their products and increasing their page rankings of keywords will change their lives forever.

I have a fantastic following of wonderful people in my linlkedin account and i treasure their connection. They read my posts and share them onwards. My sincere appreciation for helping me to reach my goals and gain success for my mall family company. Koffeeone.  I have begun sharing posts and articles of my connections to help them in return . I invite all my connections to join in this incredible opportunity.

For those in small business that do not have a web site. ”  I AM WILLING TO ASSIST YOU “ I am  willing to assist any small business that is a connection of mine and does not have a web site who would like one to have me provide you a 5 page start up site for free.  I will provide you the hosting space on my wholesale account with my provider. I  can assist you in building your site and guiding you where to gain knowledge to develop your web site ongoing and to gain traffic and obtain recognition from Google and be successful.

Please share / Like this Post and help me be rewarded with traffic. Jump onto my companies web site and take a look around

Let me Know if you would like a free web site and i will set you up with a site and get you hosted straight away. I will place you in contact with the worlds best Trainer on SEO Training for Small Businesses to make sure you get ion the way to success straight away.

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