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  Lease A Coffee Machine ?

Most Of All  Koffeeone specialize in providing assistance with leasing on a wide range of coffee machinery. From cafe style machines to automatic coffee machines we have it covered

How does equipment leasing work?

First Of All Equipment leasing is treated as a loan. Hence the lender buys and owns equipment and then leases it to a business. Usually  at a flat monthly rate for a number of specified months. Also at the end of the lease period. Most importantly the business may choose to purchase the equipment at its fair market value. In addition they may continue leasing or return the leased equipment. A Koffeeone team member would be more than happy to step you through the process

You can contact a representative on 1800 232 928 To Lease your Coffee Machine 

Another Key point is by leasing a coffee machine. You will have the benefits of usage without having the need for a large injection of cash. Therefore entering into a  contract utilizes the  equipment for a specified period of time. and spreads your cash payments.

Company benefits when you lease a coffee machine

Overall The majority of industries make use of equipment leasing.

In some instances.it is ideal primarily because there is very little capital outlay.

Basically Leasing necessary equipment makes it possible to secure more updated models  and focus on growing the business.


In Conclusion there are long term budgeting and tax benefits from leasing a coffee machine as opposed to outright purchase. At Koffeeone we have significant experience in assisting businesses. get a great package and equally important at the right price

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