traditional coffee machineKoffeeone has been servicing the coffee needs of Australian Corporate and Coffee Industry for over 30 years, specialising in the Rental of Automatic Coffee Machines and the rental of Traditional Espresso Coffee Machines along with Italy’s best range of Coffee Grinders.

We import, sell and rent only the finest and most reliable automatic coffee machines and coffee machine products from Italy.

We supply and rent Automatic Coffee Machines and Traditional Coffee Machines, Coffee Beans and Automatic Coffee Machine and traditional coffee machine products to some of Australia’s top companies, Café’s, Registered Clubs and Restaurants.

It is a specialised skill to install, maintain and repair office automatic coffee machines, that’s why Koffeeone has dedicated many hours and resources to train all our staff on the specialised functions in setting up your new office automatic coffee machine and how to repair and maintain your corporate automatic coffee machine, long after the initial installation.

Koffeeone has taken special attention to ensure your new office automatic coffee machine is correctly programmed as intended by our suppliers.

Koffeeone want you to be thrilled and excited every time you make an espresso coffee or coffee related beverage on any of our office automatic coffee machines, especially your very own fantastic new Nuovo Talento corporate automatic coffee machine or your new Rex Royal S200 corporate automatic coffee machine.

To make your purchase easy Koffeeone has also designed a number of Rental Finance packages to suit all our corporate traditional coffee machines and all our corporate automatic coffee machines. We will also assist you in your decision on which office coffee machine would suit your needs.

You can see all our corporate traditional coffee machines along with all our corporate automatic coffee machines at any of our show rooms, conveniently located all major cities.

Your new office automatic coffee machine will be a wonderful addition to your office furniture and therefore it should perform to the highest standard and produce a 100% pure espresso coffee every time you make a coffee.

Our corporate automatic coffee machine range is perfect for every corporate environment and we are confident you will be thrilled every time you have a coffee from a Koffeeone automatic office coffee machine or a Koffeeone traditional coffee machine.

“We wish you a pleasant experience and many years of excellence with any one of our automatic coffee machine range”

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Peter Walker CEO