Coffee And Tea Factory Espresso Machine Blends

Coffee Tea Factory Coffee Beans


Enjoy the spoils of the earth…. Balmain espresso machine blend is full bodied and robust just like a fine red wine . The Balmain blend Is a medium dark roast especially made to kick start your day.


This organic espresso machine blend gives you a smooth gentle but flavoursome sip of bliss designed for any time of the day.


The premium Melbourne blend is perfection in a cup. With a medium strength and perfect balance of crema that remains to the very end. This espresso machine blend is smooth, full bodied and liquid gold. Melbourne was designed to indulge your senses.

 Coffee Tea Factory Beans are Roasted for Australian Espresso Coffee Machines

These hand selected coffee beans create a fresh, thick, reddish-brown tantalising crema that is distinctive with the name The Coffee and Tea Factory.With the correct extraction you will taste a sensational balance between sweetness, bitterness and acidity that signifies the The Coffee and Tea Factory roasting methods. The Coffee and Tea Factory is the brand with a 20 year reputation for excellence in coffee roasting across North America and Europe.Experience the taste and texture of true Italian Espresso with The Coffee and Tea Factory wholesale coffee beans.

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