Why Choose an Instant Coffee Machine

Instant Coffee Machine supplier

Automatic coffee machines meant for instant coffee very easy to use and require no Barista training whatsoever. If you can push a button, you are qualified to operate these machines.

These machines are also faster than any other kind of coffee machine.

The speed at which these machines churn out coffees is one of their chief strengths. Typically it doesn’t even take 10 seconds to produce a cup of coffee with a machine like this.

Today’s instant coffee machines also provide a variety of different drink options, such as espressos, lattes, cappuccinos, hot chocolate, or even just hot water.

Many will also have options for decaf coffees. Keep in mind though that these drinks are more like a facsimile of what they are named after: your instant espresso may be “like” an espresso but it will not taste the same as the real thing.

Coffee Quality

The quality of the coffee made by machines like this will vary depending on how often the machine is used and accordingly how fresh the ingredients are.

A well-used machine will typically make better coffee since the ingredients are being refreshed often rather than sitting around for weeks or months.

In terms of the cost, these machines tend to sit somewhere in between bean to cup and capsule or pod machines. However the cost customers will pay per drink will be much lower than with other machines. This makes these machines very cost-effective for environments requiring higher volume outputs.

These machines tend to be hooked up directly with a water line, and accordingly are not very portable, so you need t consider well where to set them up in advance.


Maintaining and cleaning these machines tends to be fairly easy, and most machines include an automatic cleaning process that means you don’t need to do much more than push a button or two. Because machines like this do not grind any beans, there tends to be much less mess with these machines in the first place. There will be more mess involved, however, than with a capsule or pod machine.

Another advantage is that instant coffee doesn’t take up much space, so you won’t be constantly refilling your machine with beans as you would with a bean to cup machine. Because of this, however, there is a risk of your coffee becoming stale or losing its freshness if your machine is not being used often.

In terms of milk drinks like lattes, these machines will use a powdered milk product as well. Milfresh is highly recommended since it is made entirely from real milk, and many customers are not able to tell the difference in taste from fresh milk.

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