Every season is considered the coffee season, considering the increasing demand for this aromatic and magical beverage globally. Though various companies offer domestic and commercial coffee machines, home brewing is not popular as people still love to visit cafes to have coffee with friends. Therefore, it becomes crucial to find a well-functioning commercial coffee machine for a café or any commercial space.Coffee making is not easy as most coffee shops prefer roasting the beans before grinding, brewing, and even blending. This is why it always becomes important to choose the best coffee-making machine that brews and serves flat whites, lattes, pour-over, and almost all the other varieties of coffee that the customers demand. Below are some of the points that should be kept in mind while choosing the best coffee machine for your space.

Factors to Consider for Picking Best Commercial Coffee Machine

Considering The Volume or Output

So, you might be thinking about how you can choose the coffee machine for your café? Well, you can simplify this selection process by going through the below questionaries’ that will make the decision time-saving: –

  1. How Big the Café You Have?
  2. How Many People Typically Comes Every Day at The Café?
  3. About How Many Cups Does Each Person Consumed Each Day?

These three questions will help you find out the “cup per day” ratio. You should also remember that not all people will drink a similar type of coffee daily. However, calculating the ratio will help you figure out a rough estimation.

You can survey the workplace, install the coffee machine, and generally ask the people which coffee they like and how many times they will enjoy it. There are three output levels of coffee machines available. The low volume machines produce 50 cups per day, the medium volume machines produce 150-200 cups each day, and high volume machines produce 20—500 cups per day.

If you are looking for a commercial automatic coffee machine, you can opt for Nuova Simonelli Microbar Portable coffee machines that provide high employee turnover. They are best for large cafes and offices.

Check for The Ease of Usage

Though the automatic coffee machines do most of the heavy lifting work, you cannot expect that each one of the staff should be trained to handle the complex switches and operational units present in the coffee units. Hence, if you open your café for the first time or install the machine in the office, you should buy entry-level coffee machines, and Appia Life Compact Easy Cream Commercial Coffee Machine is a good choice.

Cost of Coffee Machine

Every business has a budget when you are shopping for a product. And when you have a limited budget, spending money on an office coffee machine is an added investment. So first, it is good to invest in commercial automatic coffee machines that are good quality, a good fit for your company, and affordable. Secondly, you should also consider productivity, employee satisfaction, and community, as coffee is an important part of the workplace.

Maintenance of Coffee Machine

One of the major points to keep in mind while picking the best coffee machine is that it requires too much or less maintenance. Sometimes, the high-end coffee machines demand professional routine maintenance. However, even for the traditional coffee machine, you should know how to be cleaned it.

All these points are helpful to find out the best commercial coffee machine for your café or office. If you are looking for good-quality automatic coffee machines, check the website of Koffeeone, one of the leading suppliers of commercial coffee machines and spare parts.