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We are the suppliers of hotel coffee machines in Sydney. To get a quote, call 1800 232 928 or otherwise visiting our central coffee machine showroom in Sydney’s 12 Robert Street, Rozelle NSW 2039 could serve the purpose.

By being a diverse company in the coffee business, we do the supplies for all range of applications, budgets, and tastes of hotel coffee machines.

Additionally, we have the traditional group 1, 2 and group 3 machines and also the bean to cup coffee machines.

Some of our favourite professional coffee machines include the Swiss-made Jura-Giga range of coffee machines which have a range of excellent specialty coffee drinks that are made from fresh milk and beans.

Furthermore, we offer a range of heavy-duty bean to cup machines; Nuovo Simonelli which are best suited for hotels.

They have a touch button convenience for the preparation of espresso, cappuccino and caffe latte. Whatever your coffee business in Sydney may need, we probably have it.

We also stock the range of 16 prime coffees in filter ground forms and espresso.

Make a point to grow your coffee business and visit our showroom: Koffeeone, 8-12 Robert Street, Rozelle NSW2039Tell: 1800 232 928.

Deal Direct With The Hotel Coffee Machine Supplier / Wholesaler

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Peter Walker CEO KoffeeOne

Hotel coffee machine supplier, Koffeeone has evolved considerably since its foundation and now distributes the very best commercial coffee machines from Italy, as well as now manufacturing their very own Pierro office coffee machine range.

Koffeeone was formed in 1999 with the goal to supply wholesale priced corporate coffee machines, office coffee machines and espresso coffee machines to cafe’s, restaurants, corporate offices and registered clubs.

To ensure their clients receive the very best support on their range of coffee machines Koffeeone provide full service support for each and every one of their customers, large or small.

Peter Walker, CEO of Koffeeone states, “We ensure we only supply the very best office coffee machines. Why ? To ensure the longevity of operation, to make sure your coffee machine requires minimal operational attention by your staff and are very easy to maintain and use.”

He continues, “When you order your commercial coffee machine direct form the importer and wholesaler you can be ensured you are dealing with a company who has been in business for over 15 years and has served many continuing and long standing customers.”