Mythos One Grinder Blades.

Mythos One Grinder Blades Available Today.

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Victoria Arduino Mythos One Titanium Burrs/Blades

Original Blades by Victoria Arduino – Made By Victoria Arduino For Victoria Arduino

Original Mythos One Grinder Blades – Do not be fooled to by reproduction Blades

Mythos One Grinder Blades – Are  Long Life Burrs

Titanium burrs guarantee more efficient and long lasting grinding

( Up to 1200 Kg of Coffee )

The Original Mythos One Grinder Blades are made of Titanium. As well as being covered with Titanium Nitrate to expand the life expectancy

Mythos One Grinder Blades – True Quality

Victoria Arduino Mythos One Grinder Blades
Victoria Arduino Mythos One Grinder Blades
Victoria Arduino Mythos One Grinder Blades
Victoria Arduino Mythos One Grinder Blades
What Customers Think Of Koffeeone. 

“ We were looking for the perfect coffee partner.  A supplier  that could assist us with all things coffee. For our Pitt Street Suncorp Discovery Store. We were seeking  a world Class Coffee Machine and Perfect Coffee Beans.

We had a very short window to source our Coffee Machine. Trial the machine and taste the coffee. Consequently Koffeeone was able to deliver on every task and every promise. Making the project  pleasurable  and most of all  a success..

Koffeeone is professional , knowledgeable and makes things happen . An outstanding partner for your complete coffee requirements “

Lilian Tang

Facilities Manager NSW/ACT, Cushman & Wakefield

Mythos One – The Specialty Grinder

Mythos One is the new age of on request espresso processors. With the largest amount of innovation. And numerous keen gadgets to address the issues of the most requesting barista.

The new wilderness for processors.

Mythos One emerges for its inventive Clima Pro innovation. As well as the Clump Crusher system that guarantees measurement consistency. With normality in the espresso stream surge giving better extraction quality. The innovation of the Mythos One has not gone unnoticed. For quite a while more baristas value its highlights and in addition. With  its new frameworks to convey reliable quality to coffee. The Mythos One processor. Along with the VA388 Black Eagle coffee machine. Is a a triumphant blend for baristas who need to offer their clients a genuine espresso encounter.

The significance of temperature administration when pounding espresso.

In the Mythos One on-request espresso processor. The inventive keen administration of the pounding chamber. Along with Temperature ensures a consistent measurement. Providing a superior nature of coffee extraction. The granulating temperature greatly affects the steadiness of the measurements. The Clima Pro innovation deals with the temperature. Inside the processing chamber, utilizing a cooling framework that begins naturally when the sensor distinguishes the need. It is a straightforward arrangement.Yet one that brings extraordinary preferences for quality extraction.