Contract Roasted Coffee Beans

Contract Coffee Beans For Wholesale Customers For Cafe’s

*** Contract Wholesale Coffee   ***
100 Kg’s-200 Kg’s-300 Kg’s-1 000Kg’s

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Contract Coffee Beans For Wholesale Customers For Cafe’s and For Upcoming Coffee Roasters

“Our Coffee Beans have a Classic Napoli style blend with a new world zest! These coffee Beans are full bodied. Low-acid. Smooth and rich.  Brazil natural process brings chocolate and sweet caramel praline notes. In our coffee beans. Ethiopian natural process Djimma contributes a unique natural fermented  fruit character. Whilst the Indian washed coffee beans bind the whole blend together. Creating  a rich cocoa after taste with a  very powerful body and crema. Roasted to precise  spectrophotometer targets which provides incredible consistency. An outcome most other  roasters can’t achieve.  Climate controlled ‘cellaring’ prior to delivery. Results in denser more stable coffee beans. Hence a much higher quality  Crema and a smoother tasting  espresso than other boutique coffees. Our blends are  developed specifically for the Australian milk-palate that keeps winning fans.”

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VA358 White Eagle, the beginnings.

First Of All we are working in order to offer specialty coffee shops commercial machines . Which are consistent. Most of all reliable and efficient. This was the result we wanted to get with the new product that we developed. Hence its name is VA358 White Eagle and it is dedicated to coffee shops putting Quality at first.
Therefore We studied an espresso machine that was able to respond to specialty coffee shops new trends. In addition  we made it with tall group as well. So you can use big cups and glasses. Especially relevant is The VA358 White Eagle supports the relationship between the customer and the barista. Viglino. The designer. Specifically rebuilt eagle’s wings in a 51 centimeter-high product.

We Can Also Provide You With World Class Victoria Arduino Coffee Machines.

Contract Coffee Beans For Wholesale Customers For Cafe's and re-sellers