Sanremo Zoe Competition 2 Group Coffee Machine

The Perfect Two Group Coffee Machine All Requirements – Small Cafe’s – Restaurants and Mobile Vans and Trailers.

San Remo Zoe Competiton Stands Out.

The ZOE Competition offers exceptional value with its high performance and modern style. Its eye-catching exterior is a brand new innovation in espresso machine design, where the frame forms part of the exterior of the machine, meaning the machine is constructed from an all in one build material (“monocoque”) giving it strength and style which is currently unmatched.

Features of your San Remo Zoe Competiton Commercial Coffee Machine

Width 720 mm  
Depth 528 mm  
Height 537 mm  
Cup Clearance 100 mm  
Power Capacity 15 amp  
Boiler Capacity 10 ltr  
Net Weight 55 kg  
Gross Weight 59 kg  


  • Impressive boiler capacity: 10 ltr 
  • Capable of dealing with sudden periods of high demand
  • Selectable pre-infusion and volumetric pour
  • Two groups and two steam wands (option for one turbo wand)
  • Single double-scale pressure gauge
  • Interchangeable panels allow you to alter the machine’s colour
  • Copper boiler and pipes
  • Turbo frother on request 

Another unique feature of the Zoe is that the water temperature is calibrated to aim for the bulk of drinks to be served close to 91°c, giving it a near-perfect heat for espresso without the need for a temperature control system.

Couple this innovation alongside two fast steam wands, hot water tap and 10-litre boiler, this is a machine which provides top of the range quality for a great entry-level price