Alaskan 3 Group Commercial Coffee Machine.

3 Group Commercial Coffee Machine Cafe Bars Restaurants

3 group commercial coffee machine cafe bars restaurants

First Of All The Pierro Alaskan coffee machine commercial range combines beauty and high performance.

Most Noteworthy The Pierro Alaskan coffee espresso machine speaks to the best new plan. Additionally inventive highlights not found in other coffee espresso machines.

So Whether in the hands of an accomplished Barista or talented fledgling. The Pierro Alaskan’s propelled hardware. What’s more, controls. With  incredible outline guarantee a superior strength espresso drink.

Particularly important is this Coffee Machine will give you the certainty to extricate your ideal coffee espresso. Shot after shot.

Besides it is Designed and worked with 100% exact built parts. Thusly this coffee espresso machine is appropriate for the Australian Market.

In end A remarkable and premium quality coffee espresso machine. Well Done Pierro Coffee Machines.

A Few Video’s On This Magnificent Coffee Machine

Machine Features:


  • First Of All Finished in a White Stylish Powder Coat.
  • Mains connection: 240 V single phase
  • Most Of All Advanced Electronics. Hence ease of Operation and performance and reliability.
  • Furthermore a Pro Con Water Pump. The Same Pumps used in 90% of Coffee Machine Brands on The Market.
  • In addition High raised Coffee Groups. Hence You can extract straight into an 8oz.12oz and 16oz Cups.
  • Especially relevant Programming of pre-infusion for all selections can be done on each coffee group.
  • Also you can Duplicate programming of groups from one group.
  • Gicar Flow Meter – Same Flow Metre as used in 90% of Coffee Machine Brands on The Market
  • Also Non – return valves preventing foreign liquids entering the boiler
  • Robotic Welded Stainless Steel Boiler ensures perfect pure water without possible contamination
  • Coffee Groups Brass Cast Head
  • ( ETL ) protection from over heating Boiler
  • Heavy Duty pressure Stat Temperature for constant control of steam boiler pressure
  • 5 coffee product selection buttons, programmable as desired
  • 2 steam wands
  • 1 Hot water Outlet
  • Patent Hot Water and Steam Knob – operate by pulling forward and by rotation
  • Automatic cleaning program for coffee brewing groups
  • Nickel Coated elements for additional fault protection
  • Individual heat exchangers for each coffee group


Machine Specifications:

pierro alaskan coffee machine

“ Most Of All We were looking for the perfect coffee partner.  Also supplier  that could assist us with all things coffee for The Pitt Street Suncorp Discovery Store. Therefore we were seeking  a world Class Coffee Machine and Perfect Coffee Beans.

Because we had a very short window to source our Coffee Machine. In addition trial the machine. Then taste the coffee. Time was precious . Consequently Koffeeone was able to deliver on every task and every promise. Hence Making the project  pleasurable  and most of all a success..

Koffeeone is professional , knowledgeable and makes things happen . An outstanding partner for your complete coffee requirements “

Lilian Tang

Facilities Manager NSW/ACT, Cushman & Wakefield