Pierro Mini Bar Commercial Automatic Coffee Machine 

Mini Bar Commercial Automatic Coffee Machine

7.0″ full color capacitive touch screen

Chinese and English bilingual interface, smart touch, just one touch, fully automatic freshly ground, you can make espresso, Americano and freshly ground coffee…….

9 level adjustable grinding thickness

According to personal taste, different concentrations of coffee can be prepared by adjusting the grinding thickness. Coarse granules (fresh taste) medium granules (fragrant taste) fine granules (rich taste) 

Independent hot water bar and steam bar

The model with independent hot water wand and steamer, provide the more efficiency steam heating, manual milk foam, one-button hot water for commercial using.

Innovative metal brewer

The metallic body and brewer provide a powerful guarantee for long life and high stability under commercial conditions.

Ceramic flat bur

500Kg life time of ceramic flat bur, low noise, fast cooling, ensure the even thickness powder.

Milk system self-cleaning

Coffee machine has self-cleaning function, no human intervention required.


MiniBar is Pierro’s latest released model with multi-functions, this model has fresh beans, powder hopper, independent hot water wand, and steamer, making coffee easier, enjoy the coffee from the beginning. MiniBar is Particularly well suited for commercial use such as restaurants, cafés, offices and canteens etc…

Minibar Introduction

Minibar is a commercial coffee machine that meets professional demands. With high efficiency, long working life, provide the various customized drinks, steam heating system, and manual milk foam function.


Minibar Key Features

● The pioneering brewing system can meet your need for both non-pressurized regular coffee and pressurized espresso.

● The new IOT system provides a support platform for diversified operation modes of customers and realizes more efficient operation of coffee machines by cooperating with remote operation and maintenance management of coffee machines.

● A smooth and hot milk frothing system makes the foam very smooth, and it can be easily cleaned by its self-clean mechanism.

● Options for powder and fresh milk, high-efficiency extraction system, customize your own drinks, bring you endless space of imagination.

● Customize your own coffee by adjusting the powder, pre-brew time, temperature.

Minibar Capacity

Hourly output based on DIN18873-2

PIERRO Minibar
Advised daily output 200 cups
Espresso(M:50ml) 100
American(M:210ml) 80
Cappuccino(M:200ml) 80
Hourly hot water output 30L
Water tank capacity 4L
Powder hopper capacity Milk powder 1200g/Chocolate Powder 2000g
Beans hopper capacity 1500 g
Powder hopper capacity Approx. 70 Pcs (Base on 10g/Shot)
Powder hopper capacity 1.5L

Pierro Mini Bar Optional selection

● 3.5L Fridge and the cup warmer rack

● 10L Electronic refrigerator

● Telemetry control and E-payment system

● Smart coffee cabinet

Pierro Mini Bar Model description

Mini-Bar  series is small in size but big on flavor, with PIERRO COFFEE innovative fresh brewing technology , These stylish compact machines deliver a range of high quality, rich tasting coffee that easily rival traditional bar machines you would find in many coffee shops.