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Commercial Automatic Coffee Machines.

Perfect 100% Pure Italian Espresso.

Microbar automatic coffee machine Portable fully automatic coffee machine

Microbar automatic coffee machine Portable automatic business coffee machine

Italian espresso machine


Nuova Simonelli Microbar Automatic Coffee Machine.


Undeniably the latest technology. Markedly new design. Together with new components. Overall The new generation Microbar Automatic Coffee Machine. Without Doubt  is a new exciting bean2cup compact machine for restaurants. Specifically coffee corners and offices. Unquestionably requiring the pleasure of good quality coffee. That is medium volume (up to about 80 cups a day).
Suitable for.

Such as Small coffee corners. Generally Locations with high employee turnover. In addition Self service locations. Together with Office buildings. With attention to daily production up to 80 cups.
 The Microbar Automatic Coffee Machine Technical Data
Groups / Versions 1 Grinder / 1 Grinder AD
Dimensions (mm) L:
325 mm
460 mm
480 mm
Hourly Production 120 espressos
Weight Net (kg) 26kg
Boiler (lt) 1.4
Voltage (Volt) 230V   ( 8A )
Power (Watt) 2000
Grinder(mm) 50

Features of your  Microbar Automatic Coffee Machine Plumbed Version

Overall Advantages.



First Of All the Microbar automatic coffee machine Portable has all the characteristics of a professional espresso machine in only 32 centimeters. Microbar II is versatile. Coupled With a wide drink selection with either and direct water connection or 5-liter water reservoir.


New Group

In addition, has a new delivery group with updated mechanics, but as always in metal and with electronic temperature compensation to ensure high-quality extraction and many years of use. Moreover, the new group helps faster drink preparation. Therefore reducing the waiting time.

Markedly Silent Grinder

Nuova Simonelli engineers paid particular attention to the grinder unit to reduce noise while preserving performance. The result is a much more comfortable and silent commercial automatic coffee machine.

Surprisingly Consistent Results

Therefore with the new group and new internal components means Microbar automatic coffee machine Portable produces particularly consistent high-quality coffee. And cappuccino. With double pressing, the system can give different types of coffee from the same blend, if required.


Easy To Maintain

Each component, Boilers. Solenoid valves and the group. Explicitly Has been designed as modular which ensures easier and faster maintenance.

Feedback From Our Customers.

Presently our current automatic coffee machine supplier is Koffeeone. Altogether Koffeeone has been supporting ABB for several years . In particular Partnering together to provide our staff sensational espresso coffee. Hence all our coffee equipment to our site is supplied by Koffeeone.

Unquestionably It is so comforting to know you have a partner as professional as Koffeeone to supply your coffee requirements.


Rick Howell



Now we currently rent all our automatic coffee machines from Koffeeone.  What’s more The support and service is exceptional,. In the light of  coffee being such an important part of our daily working lives. Obviously it makes my life so much easier to have a professional partner like Koffeeone making it all happen with no fuss.



Jenny Bowick

National Facilities Projects Manager, DLA Piper

In the first Instance Goodman Fielder have been supported by Koffeeone. Particularly  Here in Sydney and in our Auckland office for over 15 years with our automatic coffee machines.

Not to mention Delivering 100% pure espresso from their world class coffee beans every day.  Altogether it makes it a real pleasure to come to work. Especially in the morning when we can all grab a sensational fresh coffee beverage at the touch of a button.

Matthew Bates

Building Services Manager - Triniti, Goodman Fielder

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