Commercial Automatic Coffee Machine – Pierro F2

Commercial Automatic Coffee Machine – Pierro F2

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Beverage Variety

The PIERRO  F2 has a wide range beverages at your choice. From hot beverages with or without milk, to those with or without milk foam – espresso, regular coffee,  cappuccino, caffé crèma, espresso macchiato or caffè latte – the beverage variety is endless.

Ceramic flat burrs offer you more taste

The Ceramic flat-type blades accurately grind the coffee beans into unified-size powder , bring out the unique flavor of the coffee and give you more balance and taste.

Telemetry Makes you smarter

F2 Offer you the telemetry program which give you  digital solutions and your own network of coffee machines platform.

All information regarding coffee consumption and service  are at your finger tips

Metal Brewer body , Easy upkeep

Reliable  metal brewer body with smart design offer you will be able to carry out easily by yourself. No matter  basic maintenance or daily clean , just make it in an easy way.

Never forget Chocolate

We  never forget you like chocolate and  tea ,with or with out milk except  coffee , with F2Plus , you will easily get a cup of milk chocolate with only one touch

Smooth and hot milk frothing system with CIP Cooler

Smooth and hot milk frothing system makes the foam very smooth , and it can be easily cleaned by its self-clean mechanism with 4L capacity cooler

F2 Introduction

You can always find a better machine, since the best one never exists. With the pursuit for a perfect cup of coffee, our commercial coffee expert F2 is born to make the coffee that reaches the professional barista level.

F2 Key Features

● The metallic body and brewer provide powerful guarantee for long life and high stability under the commercial condition.

● The pioneering brewing system can meet your need for both non-pressurized regular coffee and pressurized espresso.

● Smooth and hot milk frothing system makes the foam very smooth, and it can be easily cleaned by its self-clean mechanism.

● Two grinders with ceramic flat-type blades accurately grind the coffee beans into unified-size powder, bringing out the unique flavor of the coffee.

● The 10.1” touch panel is easy to use, direct and efficient, by which customized coffee is just at your fingertips.

F2 Capacity

Hourly output based on DIN18873-2

Pierro F2
Advised daily output 300 cups
Hourly output Single Double
Espresso 128 198
Regular Coffee 115 145
Cappuccino 100 138
Hourly hot water output 27L
Water tank capacity 4L
Beans hopper capacity Approx. 2 * 1200 g
Grounds container capacity Approx. 100 Pcs (Base on 10g/Shot)

F2 Technical sheet

Coffee machine 220-240V~ 50/60Hz 3400-3800W
Cooler&warmer rack 220-240V~ 50/60Hz 140-170W
Connection tube set G3/4’ change into G3/8′ length 1.5M metal tube
Water pressure range 80-600KPa (0.8-6Bar)
Coffee machine (W*D*H) 34 * 54 * 83 cm
Cooler&warmer rack (W*D*H) 31 * 46 * 61 cm
Fridge and cup warmer rack weight 42 kg / 37 kg




F2 Optional selection

● 3.5L Fridge and the cup warmer rack

● 10L Electronic refrigerator

● Telemetry control and E-payment system

● Smart coffee cabinet

F2 Model description

F2 series is small in size but big on flavor, with PIERRO COFFEE innovative fresh brewing technology , These stylish compact machines deliver a range of high quality, rich tasting coffee that easily rival traditional bar machines you would find in many coffee shops.