Carimali Optima Plus Soft automatic coffee machine

Carimali Optima Plus Soft Automatic Coffee Machine For Business.

Commercial Automatic coffee machine

Koffeeone is our current coffee machine supplier , we have been working with Koffeeone for several years partnering together to provide our staff sensational espresso coffee.

Koffeeone supply all our coffee equipment to our site.

It is so comforting to know you have a partner as professional as Koffeeone to supply your coffee requirements.

Rick Howell


Carimali Armonia Soft Plus Automatic Coffee Machine


….. we currently rent all our automatic espresso coffee machines from Koffeeone, the support and service is exceptional and with coffee being such an important part of our daily working lives it makes my life so much easier to have a professional partner like Koffeeone making it all happen with no fuss.

Jenny Bowick

National Facilities Projects Manager, DLA Piper

Koffeeone have provided Australia club with our last three espresso coffee machines, our most recent is the Nuova Simonelli Talento.

Espresso coffee is a very important for our members and Koffeone have made it a real ease to provide them with sensational beverages.

It’s a real pleasure to work with Koffeeone

Tony Byrne

Operations Manager, Australian Club

Carimali Optima Plus Soft automatic coffee machine for business and corporate offices

Carimali Optima Plus Soft automatic coffee machine for industry coffee

Carimali Optima Plus Soft automatic coffee machine for corporate coffee

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  • Fully-automatic stainless steel brewing group
  • Automatic Milk Frother
  • illuminated product selection buttons
  • Precise temperature selection for coffee specialities
  • Full-colour TFT display
  • Cold and Hot Water by-pass options
  • Automatic self-cleaning system
  • Integrated rotary pump and Milk pump
  • USB port for software uploads to the display integrated chip card reader
  • Hot water and steam dispenser
  • MTT: Milk Tuning Technology
  • Programmable self-cleaning and rinsing options for brewing group and milk system
  • Motion detector (automatic standby mode)
  • Speaker for music, commercials and other messages
  • RGB lighting system


Coffee boiler capacity 1.0 l
Coffee grounds bin capacity 60 pcs
Coffee hopper capacity 1.3 Kg
Dimensions W 324 x D 560 x H 814 mm
Gross weight 55 Kg
Net/Gross weight 48/55 Kg
Steam boiler capacity 1.8 l
Voltage/Total power 200V 1+N 50/60Hz 3.774W 200V 3~ 50/60Hz 4.461W 230V 1+N 50/60Hz 4.400W 230V 3~ 50/60Hz 5.900W 240V 1+N 50/60Hz 4.791W 400V 3+N 50/60Hz 5.900W
Carimali Optima Soft Plus Automatic Coffee Machine

First Of All the Carimali Optima Soft Plus Automatic Coffee Machine is Cutting-edge bean to cup coffee machine. Due to its new display touch screen. Hence can upload up to 30 drink selections. In Addition you can customize both for product choice (coffee or milk-based drinks, instant, hot water).  Also you can select the language and drink size (small, medium, large cup). Videos. Customized images. Almost all sound recordings can be uploaded via USB connection. Plus an All in One Cleaning system is integrated to the machine. Consequently all cleaning operations are completely automatic. Therefore saving time and cutting down on operating costs. The operator takes only few minutes to start the cleaning. Especially relevant is the Carimali Optima Plus Soft automatic coffee machine can be combined with A02 add-on-units line.

In Conclusion the Carimali Optima Plus Soft automatic coffee machine is a sensational machine. Combined  with a wide range of options suitable for almost every coffee requirement.

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