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Coffee Machine Agent

Coffee Machine Agent – When Koffeeone was a coffee machine agent for others purchasing commercial coffee machines and automatic coffee machines to re-sell and we could never understand why it was so hard to obtain any assistance.

There was very little guidance on how to grow your business, and never any support on how to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction and service for your espresso coffee machines you had distributed.

We are seeking to grow our Coffee Machine Agent list

If you feel you meet the challenge and would like to represent Koffeene with our Pierro Coffee Machines please contact us today 

Now that Koffeeone import and distribute quality commercial coffee machines via agents, we have a simple mandate to;

  • Show and teach our coffee machine agents how to be successful,
  • Assist in the pre-sales process including automatic coffee machine demonstrations,
  • Assist your business with espresso coffee machine installations and the appropriate planning so you can provide the highest level of service to your customers,
  • Assistance with preventative maintenance of all our commercial coffee machines , servicing, parts and warranty for all our coffee machine range
  • Ensure our automatic coffee machine and commercial coffee machine products are of the highest standard and produce quality espresso every time.
  • Assist our Agents in the process of renting our automatic coffee machines and our commercial coffee machines to their clients, renting a coffee machine is straight forward if you understand the process.
  • Assist our agents with entry knowledge to presenting automatic coffee machine rental options and commercial coffee machine rent and lease options to Corporate Australia
  • Train our agents in the skill of distribution of the best coffee machines and the best espresso machines
  • If you get the right product providing perfect office coffee becomes a standard.
  • Check Out Pierro Coffee Machines 

Some of our agents feedback

The Caramali Multi Automatic Coffee Machine”is a versatile and reliable bean to cup automatic coffee machine. Featuring simple, intuitive controls and selection keys it can be used in quick-service or customer self-service applications, ideal for small cafe outlets or corporate office situations. The Caramali Multi Automatic Coffee Machine can be combined with cup-warmers , milk fridges and a hot-chocolate unit to create a complete hot beverage system.”

” The Caramali Eta Beta is a stylish commercial espresso work-horse. High-group clearance with flip-down trays make it easy to switch between take-away cups and crockery for espresso delivery. The Eta Beta also features handy steam paddles for quick, strong steam that’s easy on the barista. A great choice for high-volume espresso outlets such as No.1 York Street.”

Chris Barker

Voodoo Coffee Company

“I congratulate Peter and his team on the wonderful Pierro commercial coffee machines and the Carimali automatic coffee machines .

We have placed the Carimali Eta Beta’s and Piero Silver espresso machines , in some of our busiest cafes and they never let us down.

Their consistency, quality and reliability of the Carimali and Pierro Coffee Machines is up there with the best and Mr Espresso coffee will continue to place Pierro Silver and Carimali commercial Coffee Machines in our café’s and with our clients.”

Harry Ambanavos

Mr Espresso Coffee

Coffee Machine Agent sydney
Coffee Machine Agent sydney
Coffee Machine Agent sydney