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Barter Card  Coffee Machines



Coffee Machines by Barter Card
Coffee Machines by Barter Card

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Pierro Alaskan Coffee Machines – Click Here to view More information 

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Just get the coffee! Prices at $33 per kilo. First 50 kilos at 100% trade. Ongoing agreements for 70% Barter & 30% Cash.

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Peter Walker – 0418 650 969


Ashleigh Boileau – 0435 824 611

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Barter Card Coffee Machines

Koffeeone has teamed up with BarterCard to bring you BarterCard Coffee Machines

Koffeeone brings you Pierro Coffee and Pierro Coffee Machines, a truly sensational combination of machines and coffee beans to enhance your coffee product to your customers

Pierro Coffee

Wholesale Coffee Beans Roasted for Australian Espresso Coffee Machines

These hand selected coffee beans create a fresh, thick, reddish-brown tantalising crema that is distinctive with the name Pierro Coffee.

With the correct extraction you will taste a sensational balance between sweetness, bitterness and acidity that signifies the Pierro roasting methods.

Pierro Coffee is the brand with a 20 year reputation for excellence in coffee roasting across North America and Europe.

Experience the taste and texture of true Italian Espresso with Pierro wholesale coffee beans.

Pierro Coffee Machines

The Pierro espresso commercial coffee machines are world class machines which have been built with internal components such as, Parker, Gicca, Fluid Tech and Pro Con pumps.

If you are looking for one of the best coffee machines for your café, office, hotel or club then a Pierro commercial coffee machine is ideal for you situation.

The Pierro commercial espresso coffee machine is already found in a number clubs, restaurants, hotels and cafes’s through out Australia, (see the list of some of the venues here)

The Pierro Silver and Pierro Platinum coffee machines are available in a 1 group, 2 group or 3 group espresso coffee machine version. Please click on the images on this page to see each machine in more detail.

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