Hiring an office coffee machine makes good business sense

Purchasing an office coffee machine outright, is a fairly sizable investment for most business owners.

Thus weighing up the need for a good and professional coffee machine which delivers cafe quality coffee to cater for your staff’s caffeine requirements against the initial large investment, puts most business owners in a quandary.

To add to the dilemma, even when you purchase an office coffee machine, there is regualr maintenance and upkeep costs associated to ensure that premium coffee is continually delivered. Also, as your office coffee machine ages, there will be the associated breakdown and repair costs associated with the machine plus the cost to replace it with a newer model when the time comes.

From a financial point of view and tax implications (please get professional personal advice from your financial advisor and/or accountant) we broadly understand that we can only claim a % of the machine on depreciation each year.

Hire a coffee machine – it is a good business decision

Koffeeone is a professional importer of commercial and office coffee machines throughout Australia.

Speak to a Koffeeone expert about your coffee machine requirements and they can advise you on what is the best business coffee machine to hire for your situation.

With a hired office coffee machine from Koffeeone you have the options of a single, or combi machine. A combi can dispense two of three different types if beverages, rather than the single machine only producing coffee. The diverse varieties of sizes provides you with the best fit, so that you’re capable of serving as many people as you can. Machine technology has improved remarkably over the years. And so, today you have a choice to choose from the stylish and sleek range of machines which are as good as they look!

Hire a coffee machine -the biggest advantage

One of the big bonuses of the rental service of coffee machines, is the fact that the Koffeeone also take care of maintaining the machines.

Periodically. The expert technician from the Koffeeone inspect the machines, and will take immediate action in any case of any functional problem.

Contact Koffeeone today to enquire about hiring a coffee machine for your business.