Coffee has some amazing health benefits, that is, if you drink it black, sugar free, with no dairy or flavour additions.

If you are one of those coffee lovers who enjoys a milky, sweet flavoured coffee than you are missing out on the healing benefits of coffee and could be damaging your health.

Pure good coffee is healthy due to its natural blend of polyphenol antioxidants.

However, recent research has discovered the surprising fact against dairy in coffee, which states how dairy products in coffee can interfere with the body’s absorption of the beneficial chlorogenic acids present in coffee.

On the other hand, adding sugar to your coffee will spike up your insulin levels, which may contribute to you developing a resistance against insulin.

There are also health risks associated with the coffee bean crop, as they are known to be heavily sprayed with pesticides.

By using only certified organic coffee beans, you immediately lose all the potentially harmful risks of using pesticidal coffee plants.

Shade grown coffee beans = good coffee

Shade grown coffee beans are another alternative and yet sustainable option to regular coffee beans, as they are farmed without destructing tropical rain forests and the habitants of these ecosystems.

In addition, shade grown coffee beans generally taste better.

Coffee in moderation may seem beneficial, but as studies have shown, there can be adverse effects in consuming more than 5 cups a day — that is, 100mg of caffeine a cup.

On a final note, aim to be aware of how coffee much you are actually consuming.