Koffeeone’s Fully Automatic Coffee Machines An Easy Fit In Any Workplace Environment

fully automatic coffee machinesKoffeeone were installing an new fully automatic coffee machine last week and I wanted to show you how good this automatic coffee machine is at fitting in to any commercial staffroom, kitchen or reception. A Koffeeone fully automatic coffee machine is an easy fit for your office.

Koffeeone’s range of office coffee machines are those super automatic coffee machines that seem to just fit anywhere, and of course produces brilliant fresh coffee every time.

If you are looking for a hard working and efficient fully automatic coffee machine or traditional coffee machine for your corporate office, business, café, restaurant or registered club, contact us for further information or arrange demonstration at anyone of our Coffee Machine Showrooms.

A fine espresso coffee is made from a fully automatic coffee machine

The best Espresso coffee is undoubtedly Italian Espresso.

The Italians are so obsessed with their coffee that they can go to any end to get their espressos right.

Making espresso coffee is an art in Italy so it was obvious to Koffeeone when we were looking to import a range of fully automatic coffee machines, commercial coffee machines and the more traditional style espresso machines Koffeeone had to look to Italy.

The sweetness of the best espresso is its characteristic and it should be overpowering.

The consistency should be smooth but thick and the color should be magnetic in appearance, with a dark reddish brown hue.

The best espresso should be ready to be consumed as it is without adding any cream or milk and it should be strong enough to with hold its own ground on mixing up milk.

The flavour should be unique and it should stay for a while in the mouth even after finishing the drink.

This is exactly the style of espresso Koffeeone’s fully automatic coffee machine produces, 100% pure perfect Italian Espresso.