Fiorenzato F64 Evo Electronic Grinder Doser

The Fiorenzato F64E Grinder Doser is available with a short hopper, 20-inch tall highlighting the CapSense Technology and a Cooling Fan. The grinder has practically clump-free grinding and is a stepless and doserless electronic grinder accompanied by more powerful qualities.

The grinder-doser has been created and intended solely for grinding coffee beans. Any other use is accepted to be inappropriate and therefore risky. The manufacturer strongly recommend not to use the grinder-doser for grinding other types of food or anything else. The coffee grinders and coffee grinder-dosers are intended only for café, bar or restaurant skilled personnel and not for household use.

The Everyday Pleasure With A Great Tradition

Italian roasted coffee is a traditional product known throughout the world. It is a fine way to start the day, fittingly end a lunch or indulge in a flavourful break during the day. An exactly excellent quality coffee must be processed to perfection right from the start. Normally the first exquisite and vital phase is roasting. The coffee beans are wrapped and boxed then sent to many bars and restaurants, where these beans are freshly ground, coffee is prepared and served. One of the most essential steps is grinding as it is the time when the coffee beans become powder. This must be fine and even always consistent and without change in appearance. This is the only way coffee can give its flavour and unique taste that the shops can offer to their customers.

Cutting-Edge Technology For Superior Performance

The force in the direction of innovation let Fiorenzato manufacture the state-of-the-art products and answers for all grinding requirements in the café, bar and restaurant sectors. A good example is the revolutionary Inverter system with its exclusive company patent. The system brings technology for industrial grinders to bars that made compact to prevent adding the size of the coffee grinder. It also ensures complete accuracy and consistency for grinding, lessening motor utilisation, working noise-free and performing exceptional reliability even when in operation for a long period of time.

Expecting the times and being the first to give the answers the business requests is a company strategy that has lead the way to touch screen displays with CapSense technology. This new technology has a considerable size and more intuitive full-colour display with virtual keys instead of real ones. A truly innovative selection in a part where the keyboard is under continuous stress for many hours that provides extraordinary outcome in terms of efficiency, resistance and durability over time. The display also visible statistics on coffee utilisation and wear monitoring for the grinders.

Top-Of-The-Range Products

A Fiorenzato product presents the best even under utmost operating conditions when coffee consumption is very much in demand. Simple to use, its dependability and durable performance over time are all components that made the product’s trademark stronger on an international scale in addition to consistent monitoring of grinding.

These products have elegant designs that stand out in the most exclusive cafés, bars and restaurants. This significant feature mixed with low operating noise makes Fiorenzato coffee grinders and grinder-dosers precious work utensils for all experts in the bar sector. This all-round guarantee is the result of long standing experience and continuing research of technologies for artistic and tasteful appeal.

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