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Espresso Machine Servicing & Troubleshooting

The Espresso machine may a time develop either serious or just some minor mechanical problems. In the case that this machine develops a minor mechanical problem, we can just decide to troubleshoot the problem by ourselves. Below, I will take you through some of the mechanical problems that we might encounter in the due course of using and espresso machine and how we can go about to troubleshoot them.

1. The problem of stop button light flashing

Possible causes and how to rectify; If the water at the mains has been turned off:-this can be corrected by ensuring that the water supply is correctly connected and then switched on. If there is too much water that has been drawn off from the hot water tap:-this can be rectified by turning of the water and then leaving it for around ten seconds before turning it on again. During this time, ensure that the boiler is filled correctly. Always check the water level gauge to ascertain that the water is at the right level. In case the stop light continues to flash, repeat the procedure above. Once the boiler has been refilled to its capacity and the boiler light has gone out, you’ll be needed to wait for the Espresso machine to attain its required temperature before turning it off.

2. The milk being unable to froth

Possible causes include and how to rectify;

  • Steam pressure being low:-ensure that the machine is turned on and that the boiler pressure level is at 1.0 bar.
  • Steam nozzle likely blocked:-remove the nozzle and ensure that it is thoroughly cleaned.
  • Low quality milk:-try to use with different portions of milk from separate batches.
  • Trying to re-froth the boiled milk:-dispose of the other contents of the milk and try again with other fresh quantity of milk.

3. Cold coffee

Possible causes and how to rectify;

  • Machine temperature below the required level:-once you have switched on the machine, wait for at least 15 minutes; or alternatively, you can just wait until the Espresso machine attains it optimum temperature.
  • Filter baskets not being hot:-here, you need to lock the filter basket into the group handle and then flush a stream of hot water through.
  • Always ensure that the filter holders are locked in group handle each day that the machine is working and remove them only for cleaning purposes.
  • Cold cups:-ensure that you pre-heat the cups before they are used.

4. Coffee being dispensed much slowly

Possible causes and how to rectify;

  • Blocked group head:-always perform a daily cleaning exercise on the group head and other surrounding pipe network to remove any blockages.
  • Having too much coffee in the filter basket:-always ensure that the machine uses the right filter basket. Operating pump pressures being below 9 bars:-flush the water through the group head and check that the pressure gauge reads at least 9 bars.
  • Grind set not working well:-you can change your grinder setting.
  • Not tamping enough coffee in the filter:-remove all the coffee in the group handle, then replenish with fresh coffee from the grinder and then tamp at the right temperature.

5. The group handle being too difficult to load and lock into the group head

Possible causes and how to rectify;

  • Having a lot of coffee in the filter basket:-ensure that the right filter basket is being used.
  • Gasket damage:-this may require replacing of the Gasket: call our service helpline: Koffeeone 02 9818 4677

6. Coffee leaking from filter basket or grouphead

Possible causes and how to rectify;

  • Coffee build-up:-ensure that you do a daily cleaning exercise so as to remove any coffee build-up.
  • Damage on the filter basket:-you will be required to call our service department:Koffeeone 02 9818 4677
  • Gasket damage:- this may require replacing of the Gasket: call our service helpline:Koffeeone 02 9818 4677

7. A leak from the Machine’s front; under the drip grill/tray

Possible causes and how to rectify;

  • Waste box/pipe blocked:-here, you’ll be required to take off the drip tray and clean well the waste box as well as the waste pipe, after you have finished, run hot water through the box until there is clear flow.
  • Boiler overflow:-switch off the machine and call any of our service helpline for assistance: Koffeeone 02 9818 4677

8. Incorrect coffee level in the cup

Possible causes and how to rectify;

  • Having a wrong dose set on the screen:- switch off the machine and call any of our service helpline for assistance: Koffeeone 02 9818 4677
  • Selecting the wrong button on the touch pad-study well the touch pad diagrams and icons so as to avoid selecting the wrong buttons in future.

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