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Australian Espresso Machine Service Company – Koffeeone

It can be very disturbing and frustrating when your coffee machine has malfunctioned and maybe you don’t know how to fix the problem.

A times, this may just require a little TLC, but in other cases, this may need a little bit of extra attention. And it is due to this reasons that we decided to offer our esteemed customers one of the best espresso machine service plans in Australia.

Our company has a team of highly trained professionals who are on standby on a 24/7 hour basis to help you fix any problem that your espresso machine might be having. What you’re only required to do is place a call to us and we’ll be all at your service.

The problem maybe related to the boiler, brewing specifics or you may just want the whole espresso machine serviced. We will do our best to ensure that your machine is in good working condition and that the coffee it creates will be of the highest quality possible.

Espresso Machine Servicing

There are a lot of procedures and things involved when making coffee, and due to this, we highly recommend that your machine should at least be serviced once per year to guarantee it good performance and ensure that the quality of coffee it produces is always above the standards.

If the machine is serviced well and kept in good working conditions, it will help maximise its working life while at the same time still maintain the taste and consistency of the hot drink that you’ll be making. In addition to this, having your Espresso machine serviced regularly will enable you reduce to a greater extent the chances of machine breakdown and help prevent costly periods that you would have probably encountered in future breakdowns.

Just like any other machines, these coffee machines are also very expensive pieces of equipment whose parts are very delicate and need a lot of care. Therefore, it shouldn’t be something debatable when it comes to maintenance of this machines’. They require regular check ups and service so as to protect them against wear and tear related issues, and even from other persistently occurring problems.

Simple problems if not checked well can result in bigger costly problems and can in turn lead to irreparable damages if not addressed in earlier stages.

Do not let a simple problem develop into a progressively bigger problem. Fix you machine much earlier once you notice that there is a problem somewhere; this will ensure you keep your machine in good working conditions and thus continue producing high quality coffee consistently.

We normally perform our Espresso machine services and fine-tuning procedures at your own premises and this will be very convenient to you; and in most cases, this takes less than two hours to finish.

Just like a person who owns an expensive motor vehicle, you will also be required to perform a regular MOT and services so as to keep your coffee machine in good working conditions.

Espresso coffee machine servicing involves;

  • It involves replacing all the necessary shower plates, seals, group heads, washers and gaskets.
  • A strip and clean of all the grouphead(s)
  • A strip, check, clean well and replace (if need be) water and steam arm(s) and valves.
  • Checking all the system settings, and doing any adjustments if needed.
  • Advice about the overall conditions of the machine and the recommendations in case any services or repairs are required.

To book your annual service appointment with one of our friendly members, call our team on this service helpline: and we will give your machine the attention it deserves.

In addition to giving good service package to your coffee machine, we can also perform various important inspections and checks.

Some of these include:

Replacing the calcium treatment unit

The calcium treatment unit will ensure that your coffee machine is protected from damage; this damage maybe as a result of continued accumulation of limescale.

Varying water hardness and quality will also have an effect on how long your coffee machine will last; a calcium treatment unit will help reduce calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate, chlorine and heavy metals from entering the most delicate parts of your coffee machine. Apart from lowering the limescale build-up level in your machine, calcium treatment unit will also improve the taste of water that you’ll be using in making hot drinks.

Untreated water causes almost up to 70% of all the coffee machine equipment problems that we experience here at Caffe Society. And it is not only that, limescale build-up also causes energy wastage and which leads to poor equipment performance that results in lower quality coffee produce and hot drinks. Faulty equipment’s can also result into exorbitant electricity bills and ruin the taste of your main product.

We therefore recommend that you change your water filters on a yearly basis, however, it is recommended that if your site is such a busy one, then you’ll be required to do the changes more frequently.

Our company can supply, fit and replace all the calcium treatments units for your coffee machines with or without any kind of service.

Our service facility is open to all and does not matter whether you bought the machine from us or not.

Boiler inspections

All the coffee machines should have an up to date boiler inspection certificate. According to the Health and Safety Act, all the work equipment should be in line with the existing work place legislation. To be able to adhere to this, your machine’s boiler should be subjected to periodic examination from a qualified boiler inspector (technician)

Regular inspection of the boiler is a necessity of the Pressure Systems Safety control bill; this legislation was put in place in 2000, and it is to be implemented according to a “written scheme of examination”.

According to this legislation, if you don’t produce evidence of an up to date certification from an accredited technician, then an environmental officer can order for the closure of your coffee machine immediately.

But of good news to you is that we will offer you onsite inspection and this will be carried out together with your coffee machine regular service.

Deal Direct With The Espresso Machine Service Company

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Peter Walker CEO KoffeeOne

Espresso machine service company, Koffeeone has evolved considerably since its foundation and now distributes and services the very best commercial coffee machines, as well as now manufacturing their very own Pierro office coffee machine range.

Koffeeone was formed in 1999 with the goal to supply wholesale priced corporate coffee machines, office coffee machines and espresso coffee machines to cafe’s, restaurants, corporate offices and registered clubs.

To ensure their clients receive the very best support on their range of coffee machines Koffeeone provide full service support for each and every one of their customers, large or small.

Peter Walker, CEO of Koffeeone states, “We ensure we only supply the very best office coffee machines. Why ? To ensure the longevity of operation, to make sure your coffee machine requires minimal operational attention by your staff and are very easy to maintain and use.”

He continues, “When you order your commercial coffee machine direct form the importer and wholesaler you can be ensured you are dealing with a company who has been in business for over 15 years and has served many continuing and long standing customers.”