Espresso Machine Maintenance

Espresso Machine Maintenance is very important To protect your asset.

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It is very important to maintain your espresso machine if you want to get a lifetime of reliable use as well as top-notch coffee out of it. Please contact us today if you would like to schedule service or repair of your espresso machine.

Ideally, you should get your machine serviced at least once a year, and every six months is even better if you have a high number of coffee sales. Furthermore, it is always recommended to use softened and filtered water with your espresso machine (see our water guide for the reasons why you should always a filtration and softening system). Regular Espresso Machine Maintenance will extend the life of your machine and also ensure you produce perfect 100% pure Espresso.

Espresso Machine Maintenance

The best way to treat your espresso machine

  1. Always flush the group both before and after use
  2.  Flush the steam wands regularly as well
  3. Clean stainless steel with a microfiber cloth and some steam. You can also use a little diluted glass cleaner
  4. Backflush your machine on a daily basis
  5. Replace your shower screens and group seals as needed
  6. Pay close attention to any unusual behavior on the part of your machine and don’t hesitate to call for service
  7. Use suitable water for your machine to avoid having to descale

When it does come time for servicing, we offer service all across Australia at very reasonable prices. We can also provide replacement parts.

Our routine services include:

  • Inspecting, disassembling, and lubricating group heads, wands, hot water, and steam valves.
  • Replacing worn-out components
  • Descaling
  • Checking pressure or electrical safety
  • Any required repairs
  •  Deep cleaning

As far as the cost goes, we’ll provide you with an estimate after taking a first look once you drop off the machine.

Then we can give you a formal estimate once we’ve had a chance to examine the machine thoroughly. Generally speaking, you can expect your inspection and repairs to take about 1 to 1.5 hours (unless it requires descaling, which will add on another hour).

Commercial Grinder Service & Maintenance

Your grinder will require regular service and cleaning as well. And not just rinsing and drying, but the burrs need to be removed for a thorough cleaning.

This can be done professionally along with your espresso machine service if you so desire. If you do clean your grinder yourself, by all means, do not put it into a dishwasher or something else that will harm it; make sure you know what you are doing before you try to service it yourself.

Water Pressure

Ideally, your water pressure should be around 2 BAR or 25 PSI for espresso machines. If the pressure of your water line is too high this can lead to leaks in your machine, and you may need to install a pressure regulator to preserve your machine.

Water Quality

The quality of the water going into your machine is extremely important for its longevity. The two keys to quality water are filtration and softening.

Filtration will remove any small particles or impurities that can eventually clog up your machine, and softening water amounts to removing minerals from it which can also eventually build up inside of your machine.

It is recommended to monitor the hardness of your water regularly, about every three months, to prevent this kind of limescale buildup. The cartridge of your water softening system will need to be replaced periodically

Also be aware that although too much mineral content can harm your machine over time, too little will compromise the flavor of your coffee, so you don’t want to use deionized or distilled water, which has no mineral content at all, or your coffee won’t taste as good.

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis is a very effective method of softening water, but it can actually be too effective and so you run the risk of lowering the mineral content too much and compromising your coffee’s flavor.

Some people use an RO system along with a calcifier that adds a touch of minerals back into the water in order to maintain enough to preserve flavor.

Espresso Machine Maintenance

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Espresso Machine Maintenance

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