Arncliffe get a espresso machine makeover

A Koffeeone espresso machine looks great on any clubs bar, or in their lobby area.

One of Koffeeone’s long term clients, Arncliffe SCOTS (, located at 29 Burrows Street, Arncliffe has updated their espresso machine to a new Koffeeone espresso machine model.

The Koffeeone espresso machine looks right at home in the main bar at Arncliffe SCOTS.

With the machines smooth lines and relaxed lighting this bar represents a modern feel to cater for their members changing expectations, including fresh espresso coffee available at any time of day.

Koffeeone assure you that you will never be disappointed in the coffee their machines serve or the fantastic facilities at Arncliffe SCOTS.

If you would like to see how one of my automatic or traditional coffee machines would look at your club, hotel or restaurant. drop Koffeone a line or email me anytime and a Koffeeone team member will arrange it for you.