Complete Guide to Cleaning Commercial Coffee Machines

commercial coffee machine cleaning guide

Having excellent coffee and other hot beverages is one of the cornerstones of any catering business. In order to make sure you can provide your customers with consistency, a commercial coffee machine is a necessary investment today.

Koffeeone offers high end commercial coffee machines that are built to last as well as stylish, and can produce excellent drinks with only the touch of a button.

These machines are intended to be user-friendly, not only with respect to producing coffee, but with respect to cleaning as well. Although many coffee machines can be annoying and difficult to clean, our machines have been designed to make the cleaning process as automated as the brewing process.

Accordingly cleaning a commercial coffee machine can be a pain free process, and maintaining it according to the following steps will keep your machine running smoothly for many years.

Cleaning Programmes

Many machines come with automatic cleaning programmes which can be activated by simply pressing a button:

System Cleaning – This takes only ten minutes and is best to do every day. This programme cleans out the machine using a cleaning tablet. This programme also includes a rinse for the milk system and rinser (which can be carried out separately).

Mixer rinsing – This can be done once per week.

Milk system rinsing – Once per week is generally enough for this also (though it depends how much it is being used).

Foamer rinsing – This programme is automated to take place after each milk drink is dispensed, but if you suspect that it requires extra cleaning there is a button for it as well.

Commercial Coffee Machine Cleaning @ the Touch of a Button

All of these automatic cleaning programmes are activated by a button on the touch screen. Just choose the programme you want from the list after bringing up the cleaning programmes menu.

Manual Cleaning

There are still a few cleaning jobs that need to be done manually, but many machines’ ergonomic designs make sure the cleaning you need to do goes quickly and easily:

Operating panel  – It is recommended to clean the operating panel daily. 

Grounds container – This should be cleaned out daily as well. You just have to empty out the container, rinse it with drinking water, wipe down with a wet cloth, dry, and finally replace.

Drip tray – The drip tray should be cleaned daily as well. Be careful if coffee has been brewed recently since the tray will have hot water in it. To clean it, release the lock at the bottom of the tray, and remove the cup table and drip tray to give it a thorough cleaning and drying.

The housing – This should also be cleaned daily. A soft cloth is best, and avoid anything too abrasive that will scratch it up.

Milk system – The milk system should also be cleaned every day. It can be cleaned manually in addition to automatically (it’s best to consult the instructions for the full process). The same goes for cleaning the mixer.

Bean hopper – The bean hopper generally only needs to be cleaned once per month. Turn off and unplug the machine first, then empty, rinse, wash, and dry as usual. Make sure it is completely dry before refilling it.

Powder hopper – The powder hopper should be cleaned regularly as well. Again turn off and unplug before cleaning this one, then use your multi tool to remove the powder hopper and empty it, cleaning and drying thoroughly before replacing. The multi tool can also be used to lock it back into place.

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