corporate coffee machineSelecting the right company coffee machine supplier may be as difficult as purchasing the right coffee machine due to the enormous amount of coffee machine companies.

Company coffee machine after service should be a no. 1 priority

All prospective company coffee machine purchasers should keep in mind that the after sales service and maintenance of any coffee machine purchase is just as important as the coffee machine itself.

  • Imagine if they stopped all production of your machine.
  • Imagine if they don’t have any spare parts.
  • Imagine if they don’t want to honour their warranty promises.

Of course we all want value for money, but too often we liken good value to ‘cheap’, which in a majority of cases, ‘cheap’ is exactly what you get.

A cheap company coffee machine is anything but value for money, so here are a few tips to avoid making an expensive mistake.

The most important thing to look out for is any company coffee machines is the warranty.

The warranty policy can tell you a lot about the company providing the machine, as well as the coffee vending machine itself.

All of the coffee machines we offer at Koffeeone come with an industry standard warranty that covers workmanship and defective parts.

Unfortunately for a majority of customers, many other coffee vending machine suppliers don’t provide a blanket warranty that covers the entire machine as a whole.

This means that every time you use the machine, many parts will begin to wear out, which naturally leads to more frequent servicing of your coffee vending machine.

Needless to say, this is only one issue with warranties.

The issue then is concerning the length of time the warranty is offered for. Bear in mind that a decent company coffee machine is generally covered by warranty for one year when considering the right coffee machine for you.

Warranties also speechlessly disclose the efforts made by any coffee machine business.

The length of time and the type of warranty offered by any coffee machine business can say a lot about the business.

The real question is if there were to be a problem of any sort with the machine, would the company honour its commitments and spare the price of repairs, or conveniently have no usable spare parts and charge you for the unfinished repair job?

So, when looking for a reliable coffee vending machine, keep in mind the importance of every machine’s warranty and the company in which you are buying the machine off.

We at Koffeeone want to help you avoid a costly mistake, so give us a call.