What is the right business coffee machine for my company?

Buying a coffee machine can be tricky, and it is normal to have certain concerns regarding size, types and options. Use this article as an aid when purchasing a company coffee machine.

The first thing to establish is the type of drinks you want. Business coffee machines come in many different configurations, which generally include:

    • Bean-to-cup: These coffee machines use coffee beans that are ground to your selection. Coffee is drawn out using the espresso method of pressure and hot water, which provides an outstanding tasting cup of true coffee.
    • Instant coffee: These machines use instant coffee sachets.

Tea and coffee:

    These tea machines have a brewer, specialised for tea, that provides a quick infusion and prepares the cup of tea in less than 15 seconds. They also are capable of dispensing coffee.

Number of coffees the company coffee machine needs to produce daily

Secondly, you should be able to determine the types and number of drinks prepared.

This will ultimately depend on the total number of ingredient canisters inside (for example, coffee beans, milk powder, sugar, hot chocolate) and the quantity of selection buttons.

Double canister machines can only serve two ingredients, with coffee in one and another ingredient, such as milk or sugar, in the other.

Coffee machines with five selection buttons can only serve five different coffee choices.

These choices could be espresso, white coffee, cappuccino, black coffee and hot water. There are business coffee machines with 10 different buttons which would create drinks such as lattes, moccachinos, and add sugar, etc. Many good quality machines allow for strength to be set, as well as combinations to be made.

Lastly, it may be useful to look for coffee machines with ‘pre-selection’ options, as every one has a personal preference.

This addition on the regular coffee vending machine allows the user to make choices such as, ‘Extra Sugar’, ‘Normal Sugar’ or ‘No Sugar’, as well as drink strength options and milk choice options.

In conclusion, there are many considerations to make before buying a coffee machine for your company.

The highly trained and experience team at Koffeeone would be happy to help you in deciding which is the right coffee machine for your business.