Does Your Coworkers Display Correct Coffee Making Etiquette

In the real world, etiquette and the rules that are associated with it keeps us from eating with their elbows on the table, and insists we say our ‘please’s’ and ‘thank you’s’ ever since we were children.

However, it is never too late to learn the rules of etiquette of coffee preparation in the company coffee area.

These rules of etiquette aren’t only there for us to be considerate of others in the office, but can save everyone time and energy as well.

Company Coffee Etiquette 101

  • Every time there is a line to use the company coffee machine, don’t take your time to pour your coffee and continue to add and stir in your sugar and creamer in the queue.
  • Take your condiments away from the company coffee machine and leave the queue to let others use the machine whilst you perfect your freshly made coffee.
  • Whenever the coffee pot is nearing empty or is has absolutely nothing left in it, theres nothing stopping you from refilling the pot for the next person.
  • Same story when you use the last napkin or paper cup, your time spent on restocking the office coffee table will be appreciated and noticed by all.
  • Hopefully you don’t need instruction to fulfill the next rule, but in case you did, you should always clean up after yourself. Small spills and drips add up in the long run, so do your part in keeping the office a safe and clean place.
  • Don’t ever speak your opinion on another person’s intake of coffee unless that particular person brings it up.
  • To each their own in the office coffee line. Moreover, it is none of your business to get involved when you see a pregnant lady drink regular coffee.