commercial coffee machines

Where The Machines Come in Handy

Many times businesses are in need of coffee machines. They can be a great perk for employees. However, one disadvantage of them is the cost. A commercial coffee machine can set you back a considerable deal. You might not have the funds to dish out for the model you like . This is where companies like Koffeeone help out. Providing easy to understand rental agreements proving a perfect Commercial Coffee Machine Rental Service.

Utilizing Rental Company

One major advantage of utilizing a rental company for coffee machines is that the businesses will often let you switch out models. That means if you want an upgrade, instead of dishing out for an entirely different machine, you can switch out the model that you are renting. The rental companies like Silverchef absorb the cost for such endeavours.

Wide Range of Products

There is a wide range of products that a person can try out. You might want to experiment with the machines until you find your perfect fit. Koffeeone can even be a stepping stone to ownership. Once you find a machine that you do like, you can certainly purchase it. It will be a welcome addition to your office.

There are many commercial models to choose from. The choice can be overwhelming but our talented staff have a lot of experience with the various models. They can help you to break down the costs and get the model that is best suited for you particular needs.

Of course, there are taste issues with different machines. So may need to specify what you want out of a cup of coffee. You might want more fancy features, like the ability to make specialty coffees and espressos. And even Chocolate and Chai beverages.

Flat Fee Per Month

Consequently, consider the fact that you might not want to have the liability of a coffee machine that you own. You might not want to deal with repairs and the cost of breakdowns. That is completely understandable.

Koffeeone can absorb that cost for you. We will handle all the necessary repairs of our machines. So for the flat fee that you pay per month, you really get so much more than just the machine itself.

If you have a cafe in the office, you might be renting the machine out for the food service employees. Or if you want a machine in the lunch room, then you may prefer a very user friendly model with push button features.

Whatever you need, our staff can help. You have so many big decisions to worry about as an organisation, getting great coffee should not be one of them. You can make coffee easily and boost your company morale. Then your employees can get back to doing what they do best.

Check out How easy it is to make a Cappuccino on One Of Koffeeone Automatic machines in the video below.

Koffeeone does coffee right so that you can feel awake and alive during the day. Trust our experienced professionals to give you the great customer service that your company deserves. You will feel a peace of mind as a result of your decision to rent.

Renting never felt better in fact. Do not stress about coffee – let the coffee alleviate your worries. After all, Koffeeone knows best.

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