Koffeeone have a fantastic range of commercial automatic coffee machines designed specifically to assist, hotels, fast food chains, bakeries, convenience stores, corporate offices and almost any large hospitality requirement.

Our Rex Royal S200 automatic coffee machines use fresh milk, fresh roasted coffee beans and produce 100% espresso beverages, cappuccinos , café latte’s flat whites , long blacks and can even produce a brilliant hot chocolate or Chai Latte. Its a very easy one step process to use for staff and just as easy to set up for self serve.

Koffeeone can advise and assist you with choosing the right commercial automatic coffee machine for your requirements, we are able to tailor your service requirements and provide a rental plan also if this is best for your business. Our rental plans are structured over 48 months for all our commercial automatic coffee machines.

We import and distribute two excellent commercial automatic coffee machines. The Rex Royal automatic coffee machine Range an the Nuova Simonelli Talento automatic coffee machine range

The Rex Royal S200 commercial automatic coffee machine is manufactured in Switzerland by HGZ REX Royal, a magnificent machine with many fantastic features .

The main display acts as your touch pad for your beverage of choice selection , it also acts as your main access screen to enter the programming and cleaning procedure and maintenance schedules.

The S200 not only produces 100% pure espresso, it can produce , cappuccinos, flat whites, café latte’s, long blacks, Chai Latte, Hot chocolate and a combination of chocolate and coffee for those who love to make different combination beverages.