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What I’m wanting to talk about today is the coffee itself: what kind of stuff you need to get to have the best.

These are my top four, technically five things I look for in coffee when I’m going out trying to find the best stuff. As you can see behind me this is just some stuff I picked up in my travel. Some of it is still awesome, some of it is not and I will go through why but the first thing when you are buying a coffee is you should buy whole bean coffee and grind it right before you are about to brew the coffee.

I don’t really have any grinds but I have got static anyway. Why you want to get whole beans is basically: oxygen is like coffee’s killer, it destroys the good stuff of coffee, once you have roasted the bean and then expose it to air, and everything that makes that coffee awesome is slowly fading away.

The experts, I guess claim that coffee is good for about a week after it is roasted. I don’t know about that because I have had some pretty damn good coffees a month or two, sometimes maybe even three at most. Is it as good as the first week after it was roasted? No, but it is terrible? Not really!

Get whole beans because once they’re ground up, whole beans you know, you have maybe got a couple of weeks if you just let them sit out, exposed before they start going stale. If you grind them up, you are looking at within hours even being enclosed in a bag, it’s basically like more air is hitting more surface area of the coffee which is making it speed up the process of going bad. So, buy roasted whole bean coffee.

Secondly is the roast state: none of my coffees really are store-bought expect for this one “Peet’s coffee” and I only get this really for my espresso machine because it makes really awesome espresso and most coffees when you go to the shore they have a, I don’t know if you can see that, ‘best purchased by’ date and they will tell you , like this one says 11/19/14 but when you are going to like a Starbucks or your local grocery store and you are buying coffee like Vulger’s, 8 0’clock whatever.

Who knows how long that stuff has been sitting on the shelf honestly? For a couple reasons: one, they are mass roasting this coffee. So you are not getting the best freshest stuff by the time it hits the shore. So that is one problem and the second is it has been sitting on the shelf for who knows how long and then the other thing is if it’s got ‘best purchased by’ date, that is according to them, when it is not necessarily bad to drink it past it but the coffee is not as good as or whatever.

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Well, honestly, it is now probably been 3,4,5,6 months or longer and a lot of these shores you go into they do not rotate their product. So, you will find the fresh stuff over the front, the older stuff sitting at the back and then if they haven’t restocked it in a while, you are grabbing stuff that have been sitting there for a long time and that is bad.

So, I always try to find stuff that is locally roasted somewhere in town. I find a coffee shop typically a bunch of hipsters are hanging out there and they roast on site and you can talk to them and what they will do and this one actually does, it says ‘roasted on’ and that is actually pretty old coffee for me. On August was that 21st but it will do what I need it to do for my espresso. It is more for testing than anything.

This isn’t too far out, this one says roasted on September 16th. I always try to actually buy my coffee roasted within days of when I’m buying it. So, that is a little harder to find sometimes but if you can find coffee that was roasted the day of or the day after whenever you bought it; within that week time frame you are to get an amazing coffee like this stuff. It smells awesome still because it’s fresher than this stuff.

So, you are going to get a better coffee than that of this one even though this one is okay. Then the second thing I have kind of got a list because my in-laws went to Seattle a while back and they said “hey! We want to get you some coffee” I said “hold on, before you just grab some coffee let me give you some list here of what to look for.” And this right here is, just a personal preference, a lighter roast and the reason why is I think a lighter roast kind of reflects the actual coffee: it highlight the notes of what the coffee is supposed to taste like.

Like if it has for an example like a Yirgacheffe that is a kind of coffee has a blueberry note and if it’s really fresh and roasted right, you will actually taste blueberry in the cup of coffee. So I like the lighter roast and the other thing for instance major Dickenson’s blend they call it full-bodied. Now, I don’t know the ins and outs of peet’s coffee but a lot of these companies that will say full-bodied, French roast, dark roast whatever. What they are really doing is covering up for the fact that they have bought some bad beans and you have got two kinds of beans: you have got Arabica and you have got Robusta.

Arabica is what you really want, Robusta is kind of a lower grade coffee and a lot of times they are covering up for the fact that their beans are not the best: so, they roast it darker and then market it to the public hoping we are stupid enough to buy into their marketing and they say “it’s a French roast, it’s a dark roast” when all they are doing is burning all the good stuff out of the beans and now you are just left with bad, chalky coffee. So that is just a personal preference, I have had a few darker roasts that I actually like but I really don’t like getting super dark on coffee because I think you are taking away the good flavor of a coffee like this. That is got all these bright awesome notes that you are just missing out if you burn the coffee.

Then secondly is just kind of where the coffee is forming and really this is preference but a lot of coffee I like are Guatemalans, some Brazilians, Panama, Ethiopia, Yemen, what else is there, Costa Rica, El Salvador, any of the African countries, South American countries and there is a few countries kind of in the, I guess some islands was it [not clear] and stuff. T

hey do make some but those aren’t my favorites, if you find coffees that are like that or blend of those in Mexico makes some good coffees,

Hawaii some of them are pretty awesome but the thing to note is coffee is a produce so when you are going out there looking for coffee, feel free to just experiment and try from different regions because you will be really surprised at the flavor profiles that change; one will taste more earthy, another one will taste more fruity, another one might taste real smooth and dark and kind of chocolaty.

So, it is really cool to kind of try different coffees. and lastly, if you have no idea what to look for, go to your local coffee shop where all the hipsters hang out and you know they roast their coffee, go up to the Barista and say “hey!

What coffee is the best if I just want straight up coffee”? And they will tell you. And if the coffee is really good, I always say if the coffee is good itself you should not have to add cream or sugar to it, it will be naturally sweet on its own, it will not be bitter if it was made correctly and roasted right. So ask a Barista and that is pretty much it for beginner coffee.

So buy whole beans, find out if it actually has a roast date on it , try a lighter roast it might not be up to your taste and look for certain countries like Colombia, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Panama, El Salvador, Costa Rica any of those countries produce amazing cups of coffee. Look, make sure it is Arabica beans not Robusta and if you’re not sure, ask a Barista.

So that is pretty much my beginner series. I will talk more in depth on grinding, size, particles and stuff like that and different brew methods as we go along but to start you out : the good stuff is not going to be found in a box, not in a box store anyway like a Walmart or local grocery store typically. It’s going to be at a local farmers market, at a small coffee shop that roast their own beans or you might have to order it like charming beard coffee and some coffee.

These two were ordered by my sister and mailed to me from them and it was awesome. It was like super fresh when I got it two days after they roasted it and that is what you want. So those are going to be the best coffees not Folgers, not 8 o’clock, not [not clear], not even Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts, I’m sorry, those are not going to be the best coffees as far as freshness goes. So, if you guys have any questions, feel free to ask but I thought some of this information would help and I hope I made it clear and I hope you guys have a blessed day and drink some awesome coffee. So have a good one. See you!

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