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From pubs to hotels, small local cafe’s and restaurants to conference centres and venues, KoffeeOne has something for everyone.

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[Hi Tracy, can you talk about SCAA new trends?]

Brewing by hand continues to be a hot trend.

A lot of places in single origins continue to be a hot trend. But I think the hottest of hot trends right now is a shift with the younger demographic towards cold brew.

And a big debate between cold brew and nitro. And so, especially places with warmer temperatures are seeing huge gains in sales by offering a cold brew alternative to hot coffees

[The Coffee Taster’s Flavor Wheel has been recently updated…]

So for about twenty years we’ve used that flavor wheel. And through training and creating a common language for coffee, globally, the time has come to update it and add more regionality and more selection to the flavor wheel. We’ve just sort of outgrown the original one.

So it was a collaboration with the Kansas State University, which is near where I live, and then University of California Davis, which is near Sacramento, and they do a lot of work in wine as well and so they are the absolute best partners that we could ask for to have this because they work on sensory lexicon all the way through the flavor wheel.

And the piece about the flavor wheel that’s the most important is that we are constantly finding new flavor profiles in coffees and struggling to find descriptors for it and now it’s all one easy reference with that wheel and color-coded for convenience and so let’s say a farmer in Africa maybe doesn’t have access to the same fruits that say a farmer in Bolivia does, so the terminology is different.

You’re going to see an expanded vocabulary because of the global scope of this flavor wheel as well.