You’re opening up a coffee shop, what machine do you buy?

When you are looking at an espresso coffee machine for your new coffee shop, they typically come in the price range that starts from the bottom price range based on the capacity.

The more capacity a coffee shop espresso coffee machine is rated for, the higher the price gets.

Often when a new business owner opens a coffee shop or a restaurant, they expect to do a million cups of coffee a day, and as much as we hope that becomes the case in your coffee shop, it just sometimes doesn’t materialise.

So the number one suggestion the team at Koffeeone makes to all new business owners who are looking to install a new coffee shop espresso coffee machine is to try and start small and start cheap. If you need an extra coffee shop coffee machine or a bigger espresso machine, you can always move up, as opposed to spending a fortune of money on an espresso machine that you’re never going to fully utilise.

Expert Advice – Buying A Coffee Shop Espresso Coffee Machine

When buying a coffee shop espresso coffee machine try and hedge all risks and buy a quality commercial coffee machine that will sufficiently do a job in question but not have all the bells and whistles and/or the largest capacity.

The next important consideration is do you go automatic route or do you go the traditional route?

Around the world, particularly in developed countries, automatic coffee shop coffee machine is replacing traditional coffee machines in pretty much all the cases. A traditional coffee machine still has a place in coffee shops and restaurants.

The one thing which an automatic coffee machine doesn’t bring you is consistency in coffee which is potentially a game changing disadvantage.

Weigh up the disadvantages vs the advantages.

The advantages of an automatic coffee machine are

  • no barista needed,
  • exact coffee tracking,

One thing which an automatic coffee machines never unfortunately bring is the theatre of coffee making.

You know, there’s something different to having a barista sitting behind the counter, making your coffee just how you like it with your latte art and changing up each time; you can’t get that from an automatic coffee machine.

So, which route you go obviously depends on what kind of coffee shop you have, what restaurant you have, what type of feel you want to give.

And those are probably your two biggest considerations when choosing a coffee shop espresso machine to buy.