Coffee Shop Equipment – For A New Cafe

Opening up a coffee shop isn’t as easy as you might think, but here is a list of essential equipment which can help you get started:

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1. POS System or Related Hardware

Without a dependable machine for point of sale purchases, your business can get slowed down a lot, even to the point that customers will find it annoying to come to your shop.

It is now recommended to go with a cloud-based POS system as these are both reliable and lightning fast.

These tips should be enough to get you started, and once you get the skeleton of your shop figured out, you will then be free to start putting flesh onto by thinking about the design or style, who to hire as baristas or cashiers, and so forth.

The right equipment, however, is like the substance of your shop, and accordingly should be well planned out in advance to make your shop both efficient and profitable.

2. Espresso Machines

Many of your customers will want to order espresso based drinks, so you are definitely going to need to invest in a high-quality espresso machine.

The number of options for these machines can be staggering, as well as staggeringly expensive, so it is important to do your research and figure out exactly what you need to make a great cup of espresso while still finding the right value.

3. An Industrial Coffee Grinder

To make great coffee you need to use freshly ground beans all the time, which means you can’t grind too much at once and leave your grounds in storage for too long.

So a dependable coffee grinder than can stand up to repeated use all day long is going to be a very important element in the success of your coffee shop.

4. Milk and Water

Although this isn’t technically equipment but supplies, their importance for making great coffee makes them list-worthy. Milk is not just milk, so you need to do some research to figure out the best kind to get for making great lattes and cappuccinos.

And for water, you will want to have a filtration system or some other source of filtered water: this will not only improve the taste of your coffee, but also help your machines survive for longer.

5. Refrigeration

You will also need something both convenient and dependable for refrigerating your milk and whatever food you will serve. On top of capacity and the place of installation you will also need to consider the design if you want a certain look for your coffee shop.

6. Containers, Pumps and Miscellaneous Equipment

Other things you need to consider are ways to efficiently store the large amount of beans and drink toppings you will be going through each day.

Boxes or crates for your beans near your coffee machines, pumps for your syrups, and so forth. An effective storage system will be key for running your coffee shop smoothly.

7. Ovens, Toasters, and Other Cooking Devices

If you’re going to be serving hot food – and most coffee shops nowadays do – you will again want to have durable and efficient equipment for baking, toasting, and so on.

But if you want your coffee shop to be taken seriously, don’t get a microwave (no one wants a microwaved croissant in place of a toaster-ovened one).

8. Security System

Although not directly coffee related and accordingly overlooked by some new business owners getting into the coffee game, in the long run a security system is actually quite important to avoid any big losses due to theft in the long run.

It can also be of benefit to have a camera system to prevent employees from helping themselves too liberally to your goods.

9. Shelving

If you intend to sell any extra on top of coffee and food, like mugs, coffee beans, or french presses for example, then you should also consider getting adequate shelving to display these items to your customers.

Behind-the counter shelving is also another method of keeping your shop organized and running efficiently.

10. Freezers

Depending on what types of food you intent to serve, you may need a freezer or freezers so you can serve certain products that are kept frozen.

Because frozen foods have a long shelf-life they can be ideal in some cases, depending on what you want to serve up.

11. Industrial Blenders

According to a recent survey the demand for blended drinks has gone up by 20 percent. In order to capitalize on this, you will want at least one solid, industrial blender.

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