coffee shop coffee machinesTaking the risk to start your own coffee shop business can be an exciting and fun adventure.

What Coffee Shop Coffee Machines Do I Buy?

After taking care of the preliminary steps of establishing a business, including finding the perfect location and sorting out finance, finding the best coffee machine equipment for your coffee shop is the next big step.

Your coffee shop coffee machines should offer the highest return over any other capital investment in your business.

Once you find the right coffee shop coffee machines, your delicious, high-quality beverages will amaze your customers and keep them coming back for more.

2 Essential Coffee Machine Equipment You Need When Opening Your Coffee Shop

1. Your coffee shop espresso machine

Once you’ve secured your coffee bean supplier, the espresso machine itself it your most significant investment.

People go to coffee shops for their favourite coffee based beverage, such as cappuccinos, mochas and lattes, and not for a plain, black coffee.

Therefore these espresso-based coffee beverages will make up the most part of your total sales, and they all require a quality coffee chop espresso machine.

We recommend that you find the most suitable, newest and affordable espresso machine to create high-quality espresso beverages for your customers.

2. Your coffee shop espresso coffee grinder

The coffees from your espresso machine won’t be good if you don’t have the proper grind of quality coffee beans.

For quality coffee beverages, the grounds of the coffee beans need to be consistent in size, which will help give the final cup of coffee its great, distinctive flavour.

The ultra-find grind required for espresso machines to work their magic can be produced by good quality espresso grinder.

We recommend that you purchase, at the very least, two conical burr espresso bean grinders. You will want to use one for your regular espresso beans, and the second for decaf coffee beans.

To sum it up, establishing your own coffee shop business can be tricky, but with the right espresso equipment, your shop will attract all the right customers!

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