As our automatic and traditional coffee machines become more sophisticated with technology in order to give our customers the best coffee experience in their corporate office, club or hotel.

I also must keep up with the times and lead by example here at Koffeeone.

Our marketing manager has finally convinced me to get in front of the camera and be more proactive in providing information about our fantastic range of coffee machines.

So far we have posted on Youtube over 100+ videos demostrating the ease of use on our commercial coffee machines and automatic coffee machine models.

You can see the coffee machine Youtube channel at – .

Unfortunately you will find that I am no Russell Crowe.

The real star of each video are the coffee machines and coffee products that we import to rent, lease or sell direct (or via one of our agents) to Australia’s top companies, café’s, registered clubs and restaurants.

The series  of videos include topics such as;

1) The workings of the Automatic and Traditional Coffee Machines

2) What to look for when evaluation a coffee machine for your business

3) How to maintain and clean your coffee machine

4) Producing the ultimate coffee for your Automatic or Traditional Coffee Machine

5) Training instructions for your staff on how to get the best out of the coffee products you are using for your coffee machine

Let me know what you think and if there is any topic you would like me to address via the Koffeeone coffee machine YouTube channel. (

automatic espresso coffee machine

Peter Walker
CEO – Koffeeone